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Danish Shipping designates ballast water requirements as "the convention from hell"

Danish Shipping is confident that Danish vessels will live up to stricter environmental requirements in time, although the organization calls it "the convention from hell." As a result, no statistical data is being recorded on how many vessels are still lacking a ballast water system, says executive director of Danish Shipping to ShippingWatch.

Australia finds numerous violations among ships with ballast water systems

Australian authorities inform ShippingWatch of a "real biosecurity risk" as a study in the country's ports shows that a large proportion of ships do not meet the environmental requirements for ballast water, even if they have systems installed. In a few years, all ships will be required to have a system on board.

Scrubbers and ballast water systems boost Desmi's profit

Pump manufacturer Desmi grew its pre-tax bottom line by a little over DKK 240 million in 2019, when scrubber pump and ballast water system sales in particular contributed positively. The company will pay out DKK 130 million in dividends to shareholders.

Coronavirus could benefit ballast water supplier Bawat

The coronavirus could ultimately end up as an advantage, says the CEO of ballast water system manufacturer Bawat. It delays the market, which the supplier was late to enter. Another supplier has yet to feel the impact of the virus.

Shipbuilder expects to make millions on scrubbers and ballast water

Fayard's CEO Thomas Andersen expects to this year gain DKK 300 million on the top line from environment-related orders, which have become a crucial part of the company's business. This article is part of ShippingWatch's series on the environmental regulations' impact on shipbuilders.

Desmi gets long-awaited approval in US

After years of waiting, Desmi Ocean Guard has secured a crucial approval of its ballast water system in the US. Lacking the approval has held business back.

Ballast water systems supplier in sales record in 2018

Last year, Norwegian Optimarin sold more than 100 ballast water treatment systems, which triggered a new record revenue. But the supplier is already confident that revenue can be doubled this year. "This is an overnight success that's been 25 years in the making," says CEO.

Significant growth in marine orders at Alfa Laval

Requirements for sulfur and ballast water have created major growth in Alfa Laval's order books in the third quarter. The demand forecast for the Swedish supplier's whole business will be upgraded, according to CEO Tom Erixon.

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