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Vestager to examine competition in red-hot container market

EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager now plans to scrutinize the extreme situation unfolding in the global container market together with the industry. The EU will subsequently "consider ways forward," a spokesperson tells ShippingWatch.

More than a fifth of containers arrive late

The good news for container majors is that they have become better at arriving on time. The bad news is that more than one in five containers still arrive late, according to new figures on the full year 2019.

Shippers criticize EU's extension of container block exemption

The Global Shippers' Forum does not understand why EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager wants to extend the container shipping companies' consortia block exemption regulation. The shippers will not let the case rest here, the association tells ShippingWatch.

EU Commissioner hopes for extension of container block exemption

If EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc has her way, the container sector's consortia block exemption regulation should be extended, she says in an interview with ShippingWatch. The regulation gives liner companies certain competitive edges, and it is currently being reviewed.

New OECD report casts doubts on liner companies block exemption

Most of the consortia cooperation between liner companies exceed the threshold they must remain below to benefit from the EU's consortia block exemption, concludes a new report by the International Transport Forum, a body under OECD. This is noteworthy for three reasons, says ITF.

Liner companies: Block Exemption has ensured lower rates

The container carriers continue their fight for an extension of the unique consortia block exemption regulation, which allows competing shipping lines to cooperate. In a letter to the EU Commission, the association lists four arguments in favor of the regulation.

Even the most ardent opponents of BER want to maintain container alliances

The fronts between container carriers and shippers are not necessarily that fiercely drawn when it comes to the carriers' unique competitive edge, says Sea-Intelligence. Even the most ardent opponents of the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation do not want to get rid of alliances altogether, notes the firm.

Fierce criticism of container alliances in comprehensive report

In a comprehensive report, the International Transport Forum, under OECD, voices fierce criticism of the three mega-alliances. The negative consequences far surpass the benefits, and politicians need to act. Read the conclusions and find the complete report here.

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