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Brits stuck with DFDS contract despite Brexit postponement

The Brexit contracts between DFDS and the UK Department of Transport do not take into account the postponement of the UK's exit from the EU, which was adopted Thursday. DFDS could thus still profit from the contracts, reports Børsen.

EU åbner for lang udskydelse af brexit

De europæiske hovedstæder vil kunne bakke op om en langvarig udsættelse af brexit, hvis premierminister Theresa May ønsker det, lyder det fra EU's præsident, Donald Tusk.

UK wants to be center of maritime innovation

The UK government has published a comprehensive report on its maritime strategy for the UK ahead to 2050. Taking inspiration from Denmark, the country aims to become an innovation hub.

DFDS Chief Exec's biggest worry is rapidly approaching

Brexit is at the top of the agenda for DFDS in a 2019 in which continued expansion in Turkey is more important than other major issues in the sector. In an interview with ShippingWatch, CEO Niels Smedegaard outlines the biggest objectives for the company in the year to come.

Smedegaards største bekymring nærmer sig med hastige skridt

Brexit står øverst på dagsordenen hos DFDS i et 2019, hvor også fortsat ekspansion i Tyrkiet er vigtigere end andre store temaer for industrien. CEO Niels Smedegaard stiller i et interview med ShippingWatch skarpt på årets største emner for det danske rederi.

Shippers call for transitional period to avert Brexit chaos

The approaching Brexit now makes European Shippers Council call for a transitional period in which companies and governments get until the end of 2020 to complete their preparations. A British no vote on the agreement will have a significant impact on trade.

DFDS Chief Exec preparing for Brexit disruptions into 2019

There is a need for clarification about Brexit, says DFDS Chief Executive Niels Smedegaard, which in the third quarter noted how freight volumes on the English routes are now being affected. "It is a blanket of uncertainty that covers most of Europe right now," he tells ShippingWatch.

Brexit slows down DFDS' growth in North Europe

DFDS felt the impact of the lack of Brexit clarity in the third quarter of the year, as freight volumes were lower than expected. The company narrows its EBITDA guidance and lowers investments slightly.

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