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Endofa submits incomplete financial report

The owners of bunker company Endofa have submitted an incomplete financial report in which all key items show zero. This is due to the fact that the annual reports from its foreign subsidiaries were not completed in time, CEO tells ShippingWatch.

Bunker companies were part of Russian game in Syria

Dan-Bunkering is far from the only company to supply jet fuel to Russian tanker ships, which, according to US authorities, sailed the cargoes to Syria. A Cypriot oil company and a Canadian company are also inviolved. ShippingWatch tells the story about how the companies may have played a role in the Syrian civil war.

Media: Dan-Bunkering owner hires security guards

In an interview with media, USTC owner Torben Østergaard-Nielsen comments on the case concerning Dan-Bunkering's delivery of fuel which was later used in the Syrian civil war. The businessman has had to hire private security guards.

Bunker supplier temporarily banned from world's biggest port

Port authorities have temporarily banned a bunker supplier from operating in the world's biggest bunker port following inspection. According to the inspection firm, the ban is due to the use of magnets to affect mass flow meters, writes Ship & Bunker.

Chairman takes over as CEO of Minerva Bunkering

The former chairman, Tyler Baron, takes over as new chief executive of the former Aegean Marine Petroleum, which has now changed its name to Minerva Bunkering. He previously headed the group of critical shareholders.

Bunker Holding boosts its credit ahead of 2020

Bunker Holding has secured a new and large credit facility with its banks ahead of 2020. "We're not aware of any other bunker company having a credit facility of this scope in place," CEO tells ShippingWatch.

Brightoil's chairman declared bankrupt

The chairman of struggling Brightoil Petroleum has stepped down after a court declared him bankrupt. The now-former chairman guaranteed for part of the company's debt.

New license to combat bunker problems in Rotterdam

The Dutch shipowners have for years been working to introduce a new licensing scheme in order to resolve the bunker problems in Rotterdam. Suppliers, meanwhile, say that shipping companies also carry some of the responsibility.

Rotterdam is concerned about reports of bunker problems

The Port of Rotterdam is considering mass flow meters as one of several measures to combat bunker problems, says a spokesperson from the port after several shipping companies told ShippingWatch that they are experiencing problems with undersupply.

Carriers frustrated by bunker problems in Rotterdam

Several shipping companies are experiencing problems when they tank fuel for their ships in Rotterdam. One company is now considering taking matters into its own hands with an unconventional proposal for its suppliers.

Monjasa's profit dropped slightly in 2018

Profit decreased slightly for Monjasa, though the company can be pleased that volumes grew in 2018. Owner and founder Anders Østergaard is pleased with two new credit agreements for the bunker company.

Shippers far from agree on support for added sulfur charge

Several of the world's largest shipping lines, such as Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk, say that customers seem to accept the extra cost of low-sulfur fuel oil. ShippingWatch has spoken to one of the world's largest shippers, which far from agrees.

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