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Bunker suppliers to pay for carriers' scrubbers

Several bunker suppliers and traders are offering an untraditional service of financing scrubbers for shipowners if they return the favor by doing business with them. An exciting development, Bimco analyst Peter Sand tells ShippingWatch.

Executives leave Danish bunker company Endofa

CFO Torben Okkels, who has led recent years of financial cleanup at Endofa, has now left the Danish bunker firm. The same is true of a co-founder and head of the Dubai office, while in the meantime there is no access to the Endofa website.

Monjasa founder dug out crucial evidence to secure acquittal

An unknown bunker company, a technical report and testimony from a former head of sales helped secure the acquittal of Monjasa and founder Jan Jacobsen at Denmark's Western High Court. Jacobsen himself unearthed several crucial pieces of evidence.

Former Monjasa executive lashes out at key witness

A former head of sales lashed out fiercely at the Danish Financial Police's key witness in the case against Monjasa. He denied having made a call that convinced the witness that fraud was taking place at the bunker company.

Correction: Bunker companies leaving Singapore

This is a new version replacing the original article about the bunker industry in Singapore in the wake of the introduction of flow meters January 1 this year. It is stressed that commercial reasons are behind bunker company Aegean's decision to exit the port as physical supplier, and that it cannot be linked to the struggle against bunker fraud. ShippingWatch apologizes to Aegean and our readers for the misunderstandings the original article may have caused.

Prosecutor wants tougher verdict for Monjasa

The prosecutor in the criminal case against bunker company Monjasa and founder Jan Jacobsen is aiming for a tougher verdict at Denmark's Western High Court. The defense, which is looking to clear the charges, has summoned new witnesses, including two Danish bunker profiles.

Defense calls on new witnesses in Monjasa case

The defense has called on a hitherto unknown bunker executive as well as as a former employee of a controversial tax shelter company in the appeal case against bunker company Monjasa. Founder Jan Jacobsen found the witnesses and procured new documents in the case.

Maersk: Scrubbers are costly and allow for cheating

Maersk sees many good reasons for not using scrubbers as the way to comply with the approaching global sulfur directive. Poor economy and a risk of cheating are just two such reasons, says Marc Refsø Holm, Leader of the US Fuel Desk at Maersk Oil Trading.

Bunker Holding reports ready for global emissions cap

Even though Bunker Holding is still calling for some indicators of direction from the sector in light of the 2020 global sulfur cap, the bunker supplier is ready to supply four products, Peter Zachariassen, the company's head of physical, tells ShippingWatch.

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