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EU sænker skibes udledning af CO2 efter fejl i data

Den samlede udledning af CO2 fra skibe, der anløb en europæisk havn i 2018, var mere end 18 mio. ton lavere, end EU-Kommissionen og EMSA i første omgang meldte ud, da de frigav det såkaldte MRV-system tidligere på ugen.

Rederiers klimastrategi vækker bekymring hos miljøorganisation

Blot tre af de største børsnoterede rederier i verden har en strategi, der for alvor kan have en skelsættende effekt på udledningen af drivhusgasser, vurderer miljøorganisation. Se her, hvor godt forberedt de 18 største børsnoterede rederier er på klimafronten.

Norway's government wants to halve shipping's emissions already by 2030

With a new plan of action, the Norwegian government will work to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from the country's shipping sector by 50 percent already in 2030 – two decades before the target set by the IMO comes into force. But the plan includes too few concrete initiatives, say critics according to Sysla.

Shipping has five days to discuss two crucial issues

In addition to the points written on the printed agenda, meetings held in the corridors at IMO's London headquarters also play a large part when it comes to decision-making in the MEPC. This week, ShippingWatch is looking into the formal and informal agendas for this week's MEPC meeting.

Speed limit may boost global fleet by 235 percent

While the IMO is really starting to discuss CO2 reductions, the European Commission has just highlighted speed limits as a very effective means to achieve that in a report. Lower speed would however require significantly more vessels. Read the entire report here.

Store shippingnationer er modstandere af fartgrænse

Meget tyder på, at kommende IMO-topmøde bliver en duel mellem to løsninger på, hvordan de kortsigtede CO2-mål i shipping skal nås. Flere har bragt en fartgrænse i spil, men på den anden side af bordet står flere store shippingnationer, herunder Danmark.

110 shipping companies support speed limit

Star Bulk, Navios and Safebulkers along with 107 other shipping companies support a proposal to implement speed limits on vessels to lower the industry's CO2 emissions in the short term, they write in an open letter ahead of an IMO meeting to be held in a few weeks.

110 rederier støtter fartgrænse forud for IMO-topmøde

Star Bulk, Navios og Safebulkers og 107 andre rederier støtter forslag om at indføre hastighedsbegrænsing på skibe for at sænke industriens CO2-udledning på kort sigt, skriver de i åbent brev forud for et møde i IMO om få uger.

France proposes speed limit for ships ahead of IMO meeting

Ahead of the meeting of the IMO's environmental committee, France has proposed introducing a speed limit on certain ship types in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Norwegian Shipowners' Association and Danish Shipping have previously been critical to such a measure.

Pacific Basin: Sulfur and CO2 hold companies back from newbuild orders

Who wants to order a new ship that sails 14 knots, burns heavy fuel that will be illegal to carry as of January 2020, and is required to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent by 2030? Pacific Basin CEO Mats Berglund argues that environmental regulation will impact the global order book.

Maersk vil teste biobrændstof på stort containerskib

Maersk vil teste biobrændstof på triple-e-skibet Mette Maersk. Projektet er en del af rederiets mål om at gå i nul på sin nettoudledning i 2050 og sker i samarbejde med store selskaber som Shell, Heineken og Unilever.

Bimco doubts IMO's CO2 calculations

Bimco criticizes the IMO for using "unrealistically high GDP growth projections" in its predictions for future transport needs – and thus greenhouse gas emissions. The industry should base its actions on "realistic projections," says the shipping association.

MAN backs ambition for CO2 neutral ships by 2030

Major ship engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions supports Maersk's ambitions to launch CO2 neutral ships by 2030. "It is technically possible," the company's new Senior VP and Head of Two Stroke Business, Bjarne Foldager, tells ShippingWatch.

Maersk plans to launch its first CO2 neutral ship in 2030

Maersk has set itself 11 years to design and build its first CO2 neutral container ship, which will join the company's commercial fleet. "We need to have the first one ready by 2030, otherwise we won't have time to replace the entire fleet."

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