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Bimco doubts IMO's CO2 calculations

Bimco criticizes the IMO for using "unrealistically high GDP growth projections" in its predictions for future transport needs – and thus greenhouse gas emissions. The industry should base its actions on "realistic projections," says the shipping association.

MAN backs ambition for CO2 neutral ships by 2030

Major ship engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions supports Maersk's ambitions to launch CO2 neutral ships by 2030. "It is technically possible," the company's new Senior VP and Head of Two Stroke Business, Bjarne Foldager, tells ShippingWatch.

Maersk plans to launch its first CO2 neutral ship in 2030

Maersk has set itself 11 years to design and build its first CO2 neutral container ship, which will join the company's commercial fleet. "We need to have the first one ready by 2030, otherwise we won't have time to replace the entire fleet."

More carriers show interest in installing giant sails this year

Norsepower will soon close more deals with shipowners to install sails, explains CEO Tuomas Riski, who counts Maersk Tankers and Viking Line among his customers. Ultrabulk is also looking into the possibility of powering larger dry bulk vessels with windpower.

Several major shipping lines doubt Maersk's 2050 vision

Several of Maersk's competitors cannot get behind the vision of CO2 neutrality in 2050, though the container carrier is praised by politicians, NGOs and several international organizations for its anouncement. The IMO targets are ambitious enough, they say.

Maersk aims to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050

Maersk's decision to become CO2 neutral before 2050 is met with widespread praise from stakeholders including a series of NGOs, which are normally critical toward the shipping company. One NGO warns Maersk to remember the short term in its climate ambitions.

Coal will be the green wave's first and biggest victim

The green transition is transforming the energy market and thus also the market for transporting coal, oil and gas. According to Wood Mackenzie, the downturn in coal transport is fairly clear, while the pattern looks different for gas in particular.

Norden CEO: Used vegetable oil may power world trade

Norden plans to use leftover vegetable oil to power its fleet in the future. "We had the test voyage in 2018, we will roll this out in 2019 and we can do it on a much larger scale in 2020," says CEO Jan Rindbo.

Kuehne+Nagel monitors liner companies' climate footprint

Kuehne+Nagel is monitoring the climate footprint of container ships with its Seaexplorer platform. "We've already seen packaging becoming more eco-friendly. But when we talk about sustainability, the middle part – the cargo part – is still missing," VP Paolo Montrone tells ShippingWatch.

Harsh criticism: IMO is too slow on key climate agenda

Old tricks found their way to the IMO during last week's meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, MEPC, says NGO Transport & Environment, which voices harsh criticism of the efforts to curb shipping's greenhouse gas emissions. Low-hanging fruits were left hanging, say some, while major stakeholders are pleased with the outcome.

Shipping's climate ambitions will now be tested

Over the next week it will become clear how ambitious the world's countries actually are in terms of reducing the shipping industry's CO2 emissions. Several countries are pushing for action now, while others seem to be in less of a hurry and have low ambitions.

IMO subject to new criticism for lack of transparency

Transparency International is once more lashing out at the IMO ahead of an important meeting of the maritime organization. Three key elements should be changed in order for the IMO to fulfill its obligations, says the NGO.

New report criticizes the EU's focus on LNG

A new study carried out by a UK analyst firm suggests LNG is not the climate-friendly fuel solution many believe it to be, and which the EU has invested billions of euros in. Quite the opposite, in fact.

This is why the green transition is challenging to shipping

The shipping industry is continuously chastised for being too slow to complete a green transition. But it is more difficult for shipping than for other industries to go green, says organization REN21, which is working to promote renewable energy.

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