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Clarksons Platou warns of unemployed bulk vessels

While many observers believe that the bottom has been reached for the strained capesize segment, Clarksons Platou warns that rates do not have to go much further down before shipowners will have to let their ships idle.

Shipbroker: Strained capesize market has hit rock bottom

Fearnley Securities sees signs of the strained capesize segment having hit rock bottom, with rates now being lower than in smaller segments. "March should result in an imminent market upturn for the biggest ships," the shipbroker writes.

67 capesizes could be without work two years from now

More new ships and less scrapping combined are now creating the scenario in which dry bulk carriers would least like to find themselves. The influx of new, large valemaxes could make 67 capesize vessels unemployed within 24 months.

Small bulk ships have grown significantly

In the latest newsletter from Alphabulk, the analyst agency has looked into how different types of dry bulk vessels have changed in size since 1990. Two vessel types in particular stand out from the crowd.

The last 23-year-old dry bulk giant has been scrapped

The last standard-sized Capesize vessel, more than 23 years old, has now been sold as scrap. But a young fleet and minor rate improvements mean that carriers' scrapping has reached a virtual standstill in the third quarter, reports Alphabulk.

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