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Odfjell expects fewer long-term contracts

Norwegian chemical tanker company Odfjell, headed by Kristian Mørch, reduced its number of long-term contracts in the latest quarter and expects the new level to continue in the future.

Odfjell CEO firmly confident in market recovery in 2019

Odfjell CEO Kristian Mørch stubbornly insists that the chemical tanker market will now recover, even though he made similar predictions throughout 2018, a year that ended with the company's largest deficit in a decade. ShippingWatch has interviewed him.

Chemical tanker shipments stagnated in 2018

2018 was unable to keep up with the growth rates previously seen for chemical tanker cargoes, according to a report from Shipsfocus. Several shipping companies believe the strained market may have bottomed out last year.

Nordic Tankers has now been acquired by MOL

MOL Chemical Tankers has now completed its acquisition of Nordic Tankers from equity fund Triton. The sale means that the chemical tanker shipping company will now operate under the name MOL Nordic Tankers.

Odfjell CEO sees potential for further consolidation

There could be even more acquisitions in store in chemical tanker, a segment in which several players have recently made purchases, Odfjell CEO Kristian Mørch tells ShippingWatch. But the CEO does not see Odfjell participating in the current consolidation.

One in four MR product tankers are now sailing with chemicals

The product tanker fleet has encroached so far into the chemical segment that one in four MR ships are stealing cargoes from the already strained segment. This is one of the key reasons for the sector's difficulties, Odfjell CEO Kristian Mørch tells ShippingWatch.

Odfjell CEO: Chemical tanker recovery is imminent

Despite a significant deficit in the first half of 2018, Odfjell CEO Kristian Mørch remains confident that a chemical tanker recovery is right around the corner, and could perhaps last several years, he tells ShippingWatch.

Odfjell hit by challenging chemical tanker market

A strained chemical tanker market pulled Odfjell's bottom line into the red in the first quarter, though the company maintains expectations that 2018 will mark a positive turning point for the market.

Team Tankers' deficit grew in 2017

Chemical carrier Team Tankers was hit by the weak rates in 2017 and suffered a significantly bigger deficit compared to the year before. The shipping company strengthened its fleet during the year with the acquisition of ships from two companies.

Large chemical tankers will be squeezed in 2018

Several Asian nations are becoming more self-sufficient in chemical products, and paired with excess tonnage, this will weaken the market for large vessels on the long-haul routes this year, assesses Drewry.

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