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Container majors must cooperate to find fuel of the future

The world's four largest container lines are prepared to collaborate through a new billion-dollar CO2 fund to find a solution for future fuels. Low-hanging fruits have been picked, and previous initiatives no longer work, says Maersk Director of Regulatory Affairs Simon Bergulf.

ECSA appeals to the EU: Regional legislation could undermine IMO's work

The European Community Shipowners' Association has just presented a list of recommendations for the climate plan being put together by the EU. Among other things, the shipowners warn against regional legislation that could risk "undermining" the IMO's targets. Find the recommendations here.

Shipping companies seek clarity on ESG: "How much is enough?"

Many shipping companies welcome more sustainability, but several of them experience that requirements from investors and customers in particular are unclear. "Nobody knows what it is going to cost or exactly what is it that will cost," says Ridgebury Tankers CEO.

100 stakeholders must find common ground on CO2-free ships

Around 100 stakeholders now support shipping's goal to launch CO2-free vessels before 2030. In an interview with ShippingWatch, Global Maritime Forum's managing director explains how the parties will reach the target. Next step is a meeting in Copenhagen.

IKEA wants to speed up the use of biofuels among shipping companies

IKEA sees biofuel as a long-term solution and wants to speed up the use of it. With LNG it is a different matter. ShippingWatch has interviewed Global Sustainability Manager in IKEA Transport & Logistics Services Elisabeth Munck af Rosenschöld about IKEA's CO2 reduction efforts.

New report shows oil companies as the seven seas' greatest scourge

According to a new study, much of the pollution in the world’s oceans can be directly linked to the largest oil and gas companies. Saudi Arabian Aramco contributes the most, and French Total is also shown to have a detrimental effect on marine environments. The fossil energy industry bears a huge responsibility for the deterioration of marine life, which is taking place at unprecedented speed.

Remontowa chairman: Rules and regulations are our good friends

Polish shipyard Remontowa fully recognizes the value of the new IMO environmental regulations, which generate many millions in revenue annually. This article is part of ShippingWatch's series of articles in which a Danish, Polish and Norwegian yard talk about their expectations for the market in the years to come.

Kitack Lim will go to Brussels to discuss CO2

IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim warns the EU about disrupting the efforts to reduce shipping's pollution globally. His warning comes after the EU Commission announced its plans to place shipping under the European emissions trading system.

EU's new climate plan will bring CO2 quotas for shipping

The new EU Commission has presented 50 initiatives that together will produce a CO2-neutral EU by 2050. Much against its own will, shipping will be included in the CO2 quota scheme. Tax exemptions on maritime fuels are set to end. Read the entire plan here.

DNV GL: Twin-track approach needed for CO2 reduction

The coming decade will first and foremost center of digitalization and decarbonization for the global shipping sector. In a new report, DNV GL recommends a twin-track CO2 strategy in order to reach the target. Find the full report here.

Investors criticize IEA for lack of climate ambitions

A series of investors criticize the IEA for not having made adequate recommendations for achieving the Paris Climate Accord's goals. Scandinavian pension funds PensionDanmark and Storebrand are among the letter's signatories, rebuking the IEA for failing to live up to its responsibility.

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