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Here is the road map for the IMO's climate deal

In April, IMO member states will decide on shipping's contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in line with the Paris accord. This deadline has no alternative, Director Maria Bruun Skipper of association Danish Shipping tells ShippingWatch.

Shipping still a way off from final CO2 target

The IMO has now emerged with a draft for a climate strategy in the IMO. However, the deal does not set out any concrete goals for CO2 reductions. Maersk is disappointed. So are the NGOs.

Scientists believe ship exhaust makes thunder more intense

Ship exhaust intensifies thunderstorms, shows new US research. Powerful lightning in the Indian Ocean, the Malacca Strait, and the South China Sea has struck exactly where the vessels sail, show 12 years of registrations. See the comparison here.

NGOs to IMO: Settle on a climate target

The IMO should, as a minimum, reach internal agreement that the coming climate strategy must contain clear-cut targets for by how much shipping must reduce its emissions. And there is also a need for immediate action, say NGOs.

Shipowners present climate targets ahead of IMO meeting

The International Chamber of Shipping and three other interest groups have presented their proposal for two concrete climate requirements for shipping. The news comes ahead of a meeting of IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee. NGOs point to a lack of ambition.

Bulc optimistic about ambitious IMO climate strategy

IMO efforts to lay down a joint strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping are moving in the right direction, says EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, calling for a joint stance at the next meeting of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee.

IEA: Coal overtaken by sun and wind

Renewables such as sun and wind are overtaking coal. In a new report, the International Energy Agency revises its prognosis for the future of sustainable energy and it is not looking good for the fossil fuel.

Global climate goals will hit dry bulk

The US and Chinese ratifications of the COP21 target to limit the global rise in temperature bring a prospect of significant reductions in seaborne coal trade, writes analyst agency Wood MacKenzie.

Several countries against shipping in final climate deal

Shipping will be part of the main text of a climate deal being negotiated in Paris these days. Nothing is decided yet, but signs indicate a number of countries are against the inclusion of transport in a final deal, ShippingWatch learns.

Charterers: We ditch inefficient ships

While the climate negotiations are underway, several of the world's biggest shippers and charterers are now coming forth. CO2 emissions are increasingly used as a tool for deselecting inefficient vessels.

Energy companies accused of greenwashing

A series of investment institutions have published an open letter accusing the mining and energy industry for operating with one climate agenda in the public and another internally, and they call for the industry to stop using lobby groups in organizations including the EU.

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