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More ambitious CO2 plan could double freight rates

But that is not a problem, says an industry group which has representatives from some of the world's largest companies. Shipping should work toward zero-emission in 2050, says the chairman of the group Energy Transitions Commission.

UK tightens climate target in new maritime plan

By 2050, the UK shipping sector must be emission-free, and starting 2025, new ships built for UK waters should be able to sail without emitting any GHG, according to a climate action plan set forth by the British government. Subsidies are also on the table.

NGO voices criticism of last-minute change at IMO

The IMO's climate committee plans for a work group to pick out some of the many proposals for initiatives which can lower the shipping industry's greenhouse gas emissions in the short term. This is criticized by association of NGOs.

Grounded bulker creates environmental catastrophe due to oil spill

A huge bulker has run aground off the coast of the Solomon Islands and is leaking large volumes of oil near an UNESCO-listed coral reef. Australian authorities call it a climate catastrophe and warn the leak could become even larger. See the images and stay updated here.

Bimco doubts IMO's CO2 calculations

Bimco criticizes the IMO for using "unrealistically high GDP growth projections" in its predictions for future transport needs – and thus greenhouse gas emissions. The industry should base its actions on "realistic projections," says the shipping association.

Shipping companies are eying biofuel

Since Goodfuels signed up shipping company Norden as a biofuels customer, the pace has quickened for the company. Large oceangoing carriers are next in line, says founder and CEO in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Maersk aims to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050

Maersk's decision to become CO2 neutral before 2050 is met with widespread praise from stakeholders including a series of NGOs, which are normally critical toward the shipping company. One NGO warns Maersk to remember the short term in its climate ambitions.

Coal will be the green wave's first and biggest victim

The green transition is transforming the energy market and thus also the market for transporting coal, oil and gas. According to Wood Mackenzie, the downturn in coal transport is fairly clear, while the pattern looks different for gas in particular.

Offshore wind turbines could power future ships

The industry is grappling with the question of how deep sea vessels will sail vast distances while reducing environmental impact in the future. Offshore wind turbines could be part of the solution.

Shipping's environmental first movers stand to gain financial edge

There is money to be made for shipowners who go all in with their efforts to clean the air and reduce sulfur and CO2 emissions. Shipowners who hesitate, however, could face financial risks, concludes DNV GL in a comprehensive report ahead of 2050. Find the complete report here.

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