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Maersk introduces random container inspections

As part of the tightening of rules for shipping high-risk cargoes following the tragic fire on Maersk Honam, Maersk will inspect randomly selected containers in several US ports. The new initiative will be a pilot program at first, Maersk tells ShippingWatch.

Mexican border wall slows down container carriers' new initiative

Maersk and its peers' efforts to create joint standards have hit a wall that slows down the process. But it has been decided that the new standardization initiative will be headquartered on "neutral ground," spokesman André Simha tells ShippingWatch. Amsterdam looks like a solid candidate.

Rederier har fået mindre appetit på megaskibe

Færre bestillinger på ultrastore containerskibe får Drewry til at forudse en "langt mere positiv" udvikling mellem udbud og efterspørgsel i containermarkedet. Men der er stadig for mange skibe, og handelskonflikt dæmper væksten.

MSC will pay for cleanup after lost containers

The container carrier has hired a company specializing in salvaging to coordinate the cleanup efforts following the loss of 270 containers in the North Sea. The cleanup will not be complete until the last container has been recovered, says MSC.

Moody's: Two tough years ahead for container carriers

ShippingWatch has asked Moody's Maersk expert Maria Maslovsky to elaborate on whether the concerns about Maersk represent concerns about the entire container industry. And on why the ratings bureau is not convinced by Maersk's repeated reference to its robustness.

Iceland's Eimskip reports lower profit

Despite a surge in revenue, Eimskip finished the first nine months of the year with a significantly lower profit than last year. Trade tensions and Norwegian business dragged down the results.

HMM defends future plans

South Korean HMM has a role to play in the container market of the future, according to a statement from the carrier regarding its future plans. The recent order of 20 mega vessels will help make sure of that.

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