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Container rates increase again

Container index SCFI increased again after sliding last week. The increase happens despite a setback on routes between the Far East and Europe.

Drewry downgrades forecast for container growth

The consultancy firm adjusts its expectations for container market growth in 2019 on the basis of growing uncertainty about world trade due to factors like the US-China trade conflict and the upcoming sulfur regulations.

New mega-orders will have minimal impact on container market

Orders for what might end up being 15 new mega-vessels from Hapag-Lloyd and Evergreen, announced last week, will not have a significant impact on the market, says Lars Jensen, CEO of Seaintelligence Consulting. Sources confirm Hapag-Lloyd's interest in six new vessels to ShippingWatch.

EU Commissioner hopes for extension of container block exemption

If EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc has her way, the container sector's consortia block exemption regulation should be extended, she says in an interview with ShippingWatch. The regulation gives liner companies certain competitive edges, and it is currently being reviewed.

Rating bureau calls off liner companies' acquisition race

The liner companies' acquisition and consolidation race is "approaching its end," says one of the world's largest credit rating bureaus, Fitch. The bureau applauds the companies' venturing into logistics, but also points to several considerable challenges.

Hapag-Lloyd considers ordering six new mega-vessels

Hapag-Lloyd and Evergreen are getting ready to place orders for ultra-large container ships. Combined, this could entail orders worth USD 2.2 billion, writes The Wall Street Journal. Market sources confirm Hapag-Lloyd's interest in mega-ships to ShippingWatch.

Mega-ships will continue to drive fleet growth

The largest container ships have driven fleet growth in the container industry for many years, and this trend is set to continue. Meanwhile, demand for smaller container vessels will continue to decline, estimates Alphaliner.

New rules cause container carriers' debt to soar

A new accounting standard has effected a significant rise in shipping companies' debt obligations, writes analyst firm Alphaliner. One carrier has increased its debt by over 100 percent following the new standard.

South Korean feeder ship on fire in Thailand

A fire broke out on a South Korean container ship in Thailand this weekend. The first inspections show that the fire erupted in containers which contained a notorious chemical bleach. A video shows the scope of the fire.

Alphaliner lowers expected container growth

A weaker growth in the first quarter combined with the escalating trade dispute between the US and China makes Alphaliner lower its expectations for growth in container shipping.

Shippers bet on the EU to make liner companies more transparent

"It's not a 1:1 relationship between us and the shipping lines," says the European Shippers' Council, noting that the concentration among liner companies has only tilted the balance even further. Now the shippers hope that the EU can force changes through.

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