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Highest container rates in five years keep Maersk afloat

Container rates have just reached the highest end-year level in five years. The level could continue into the new year, which according to Jefferies is good news for Maersk and its competitors. One of the reasons is a new billion-dollar expense, which customers now have to foot the bill for.

Peaking container rates bode well for Maersk

When Maersk on Wednesday presents its results for the third quarter, the operating profit (EBITDA) will show an increase, projects investment bank Jefferies. Container rates have reached the highest level since 2014.

Declining container rates pressure Maersk's business plan

The decline in container rates has now reached 25 percent since August on the crucial Asia-Europe trade. This development puts pressure on container carriers, not least Maersk Line. Fearnley lowers its expectations for the full-year 2018.

Container rates skyrocket on North-South routes

Spot rates from China to South America rose to their highest level since 2009 after a doubling over the last three months. North-to-South rates weighed down Maersk Line in particular in the first three months of the year.

Analysts: Maersk Line headed for billion-dollar improvement

An improved profit of no less than USD 1 billion for 2017 may sound like a bold prediction from Maersk Line, but Danish and international analysts speaking to ShippingWatch all seem confident that CEO Søren Skou is on track to reaching his goal. The group's first quarter results will be released Thursday.

Drewry: Spot rates take a dive on Asia-Europa

Spot rates on the key container tradelane Asia-Europe took a big dive last week, according to a survey from Drewry. The firm expects the rates to keep sliding as there is by now more space available for shippers.

SeaIntel expects big rate increases for shippers

Last year's contracts between carriers and shippers were signed at historically low prices when comparing contract rates and spot rates. There could therefore be major rate increases in store when new contracts are negotiated in May.

Container rates soar to 20-month high

Spot rates on the 11 major East-West routes between Asia and Europe climbed to a 20-month high this week, according to Drewry's World Container Index. Further rate increases are expected in the week to come.

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