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Valero accused in another bad bunker case

One of the world's biggest tanker carriers also accuses Valero of selling contaminated bunker. Yesterday, Valero was singled out as the source of a the contaminated bunker oil, which caused major issues for hundreds of vessels last year.

Valero named as bad bunker source in new court case

In a new court case, US oil company Valero is being accused of having introduced the contaminated marine fuel that caused problems for hundreds of ships last year. World Fuel Services also considers forwarding a damages claim to Valero.

Bomin hit by new accusations of dirty bunker

German bunker company Bomin has been hit with two new accusations concerning contaminated bunker. In one case, a company claims that Bomin knew the bunker oil was contaminated even prior to delivery.

BW closes dispute on contaminated bunker

BW LPG and World Fuel Services have agreed to close a dispute regarding supply of contaminated bunker in Texas. The settlement happened outside of court where the carrier demanded USD 700,000 in damages.

Oil sample number 542319 plays key role in Thorco case

An oil sample from Thorco Lineage could perhaps provide answers to whether contaminated bunker caused the wrecking of Thorco Lineage. But the parties are unable to agree on where and when it will be tested. The sample is still in Panama.

Bomin fires back: "Thorco Lineage was unseaworthy"

Bunker supplier Bomin, which is under suspicion by Thorco Shipping for having supplied bunker fuel to shipwrecked Thorco Lineage, now replies in a new statement of defense. The ship may have already been unseaworthy upon departure, claims Bomin.

Texas refinery named in case about bad bunker

An oil company with a large refinery in Houston is mentioned as supplier in a new case about contaminated bunker in which shipping company Chembulk experienced problems. This marks the first time that a refinery is mentioned in one of the many cases.

Contaminated bunker spreads to China

A law firm now says that it is involved in a case concerning bad bunker in China. This means that the problem, which has affected close to a hundred ships since the spring of this year, has now spread further.

Thorco expects large bill for grounded ship

The bill for costs related to the grounding of Thorco Lineage is estimated to reach at least USD 10 million, and Thorco Shipping is currently working to get this money from two renowned bunker companies accused of having supplied contaminated bunker fuel oil.

UASC drops lawsuit against bunker company

United Arab Shipping Company has dropped its lawsuit against World Fuel Service, which the container carrier accused of supplying poor quality bunker. The case has no apparent connection to the current epidemic.

BBC Chartering has been hit hard by bad bunker

BBC Chartering has had to pay large extra costs for tug boats as well as having several ships cleaned after tanking contaminated bunker. CEO Svend Andersen says that the project cargo carrier is among the hardest hit in the widespread cases related to the damaging bunker.

This is how Maersk avoids bad bunker

Maersk Line's self-supply in several key ports means that the company has avoided being affected by the bad bunker that is in circulation. One vessel had to be cleansed in Panama in June, but that episode had nothing to do with the current problems, Maersk tells ShippingWatch.

Number of bad bunker cases has surpassed 150

The current situation of bad bunker, which originated in Houston, is spreading across the globe, says P&I club Standard Club in an update. The club estimates that the number of cases has now surpassed 150.

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