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Petrobras enters billion-dollar settlement in US case

Brazilian oil company Petrobras has agreed to settle in a US case, in which several investors accused the company of inflicting losses on them in connection with a huge corruption scandal. The settlement is worth billions of US dollars.

One word has reduced the number of bribery cases in the Suez Canal

With just a few means, in the course of two years it has become possible for carriers to get their vessels through the Suez Canal without having to pay the pilots in, for instance, cigarettes. "A milestone," says anti-corruption organization MACN, which is behind the initiative.

Brazilian president charged with accepting bribes

Michel Temer is facing mounting pressure shortly after secret recordings officially drag the president into the Petrobras scandal. He could remain in office despite minimal support from the population,

Maersk Line: Anti-corruption effort working

The container carrier has from 2015 to 2016 virtually eliminated the use of so-called facilitation payments, namely the mild form of bribes as payment in the form of, for instance, cigarettes for pilots, customs officials, and port authorities, reports Danish media

Dutch shipbuilder raided by tax authority

Damen Shipyard, the largest shipbuilding group in the Netherlands, was subjected to a dawn raid this week by the country's tax authority. According to several media reports, the raid is part of investigations into a case related to corruption and bribes.

"Corruption is a major problem which I've seen up close"

Corruption and bribery happen in the shipping industry every day and represents a major problem. In an interview with ShippingWatch, the new Chairman of anti-corruption network MACN, Sam Megwa, acknowledges that he has his work cut out for him.

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