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Maersk: Market for cyber insurance is unripe

The market for cyber insurances is new and plagued by immaturity, says Maersk, which has been hit by hacker attacks in the past. Insurance broker agrees with the Danish transport company.

DFDS experiences new hacker attempts every single day

There is no doubt at DFDS: Today's hackers are so good that it is simply a matter of time before they wreak havoc at the carrier. CFO Torben Carlsen tells ShippingWatch how DFDS can best protect itself against the threat.

Carriers now showing interest in cyber insurances

Carriers have realized that they need to insure themselves against loss of earnings in the event of hacker attacks. Insurance companies report growing interest after the cyber attack against companies including Maersk in June.

Hacker attack caused delays at Maersk Line

When the delays were at their worst, Maersk vessels arrived a little over 24 hours late on average. But the delays were short-lived, according to a new analysis by SeaIntel. The IT problems are almost over, says Maersk Group.

Media: Many security issues for Maersk in Rotterdam

APM Terminals has been warned several times about its inadequate IT security at the Rotterdam terminals. Most recently in 2016, the port's management asked Maersk to deal with the problem, according to Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, reports Danish media Berlingske Business.

SeaIntel: Disturbingly low cyber security in the container industry

Almost half of the world's top 50 container carriers are unprepared for potential hacker attacks, determines an analysis from SeaIntel. The industry has a disturbingly low level of cyber security, SeaIntel writes, after Maersk Group was victim of a major cyber attack last week.

Maersk's booking system up and running

Companies can once again book Maersk's vessels to transport their cargo, informs the Danish shipping giant. And APM Terminals' container terminals are operational again although there could be delays, says Maersk Group in its latest update about the massive cyber attack Tuesday.

APM Terminals: All terminals are open

According to Danish newspaper Børsen, APM Terminals has announced that all of its terminals are in operation. The company has been in contact with customers via email.

Customers lack clarity after Maersk cyber attack

Maersk customers such as Jysk and DSV are currently trying to get clarification concerning the situation following Tuesday's cyber attack. If worst comes to worse, they could look toward other carriers, they tell ShippingWatch.

Maersk IT systems still down due to cyber attack

The Maersk Group is on Wednesday morning CET still hit hard by the cyber attack which struck the group, and numerous other major international companies, Tuesday. 75 of APM Terminals' port facilities are hit. Maersk says on Wednesday that the issue has been contained.

Maersk confirms: IT crash is caused by hackers

A hacker attack has triggered a large-scale crash of Maersk Group's IT systems, the company tells ShippingWatch. It remains unknown how the group's customers will be impacted. APM Terminals has also been struck in ports in the US and Netherlands.

Intelligence agency warns of maritime cyber threats

The threat from cyber crime and cyber espionage is "very high" in the maritime sector, according to a threat assessment from the Danish Defence Intelligence Service's Centre for Cyber Security (CFCS). Read the report's main conclusions here.

IMO leaves cyber security to the industry

The IMO Maritime Safety Committee has discussed the growing threat of cyber crime against the shipping industry. Guidelines for how the industry is to handle the threat will now be compiled by Bimco.

Marine insurance CEO: Two big threats to shipping

Two big factors will be predominant in the future threat-scenario in shipping, assesses John Wiik. He has been the CEO of the marine insurance company Norwegian Hull Club for 31 years, and can look back on an industry that has undergone fundamental changes, he tells ShippingWatch.

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