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Spanish dockworkers agree to lower wages

The Journal of Commerce reports that more than 6,000 Spanish dockworkers have reached a labor agreement that includes lower wages. With this agreement, the strikes have ended.

New strikes hit Spain's ports

Spanish dockworkers announce new strikes after employer association Anesco has declined to review a new proposal made by the unions Friday. The strikes will be held in the weeks to come.

Spanish dockworkers herald new strikes

Negotiations between Spanish dockworkers and the ports have not resulted in agreement. The unions have heralded more strikes in June and ports as well as carriers are hard hit. A spokesperson tells ShippingWatch that the EU cannot resolve this labor conflict.

Spanish dockworkers herald strikes in May and June

Spain's government seems to have a majority backing for a new legislative proposal which would privatize Spanish ports after 15 years of deadlock. Unions have already retaliated and call for widespread strikes in May and June. "They cheated us," state the dockworkers.

Spanish port workers call off strike

The Spanish port workers have decided to call off an announced strike today, Friday, as well as the three remaining strike days in the comprehensive protest against the government, after the Spanish congress has votes against a proposal concerning labor reforms, report several media.

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