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Huge Chinese ambitions threaten Europe's shipping sector

China has several projects in the works aimed at helping the country's shipbuilding and shipping sector. "I don't think that in the shipowners community there is a full understanding of the impact of the Chinese policy yet," says Sea Europe's Secretary General in an interview with ShippingWatch.

OECD responds to container carriers' criticism

First the OECD was criticized by the World Shipping Council, which called the organization's latest report on container shipping companies' special competitive conditions "incomprehensible, erroneous and misunderstood." Now the OECD has fired back.

May asks EU for Brexit extension until June 30

After a series of defeats and rebukes in the House of Commons, thus far preventing any deal with the continent, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the EU to extend article 50's due date until late June. This could improve the chances of striking a digestible Brexit deal.

The Chinese government is looking to seize Maersk's leading position

Official statements from the Chinese government reveal that it has ambitions to unseat Maersk as the world's largest container carrier. This is evident from a warning about China's influence by the Secretary General of Sea Europe, which organizes one of the cornerstones of the European maritime sector.

EU wants urgent clarity on scrubbers

The EU demands clear guidelines on discharge of washwater from scrubbers, amid fears that the byproduct could cause irreparable environmental damage.

EU approves list of scrapping yards

The latest version of the EU list of shipbreaking facilities has now received final approval. The Indian yards Maersk works with were not approved for the list. The rules will come into force two weeks from now.

Fierce criticism of container alliances in comprehensive report

In a comprehensive report, the International Transport Forum, under OECD, voices fierce criticism of the three mega-alliances. The negative consequences far surpass the benefits, and politicians need to act. Read the conclusions and find the complete report here.

New deal will make it possible to trade with Iran

A new deal between leading EU countries together with China and Russia will make it possible for companies to continue trading with Iran. However, the extent to which countries dare defy the US remains an open question.

Softer Brexit rhetorics but no resolution in sight

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier reached out to his British counterparts Tuesday in an attempt to find out how to set up the Irish border after Brexit. But the two parties still insist on different solutions.

Top negotiator doubts EU's trade deal with Mercosur

The EU's trade talks with four South American countries has reportedly run into problems in Montevideo. Uruguay's foreign minister, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, is skeptical about the pending deal according to media El Observador.

EU rejects investigation into disputed surcharges

The European Commission will not look further into the dispute over liner companies' emergency surcharges, a battle that has been going on for months. Nothing points to anti-competitive behavior, a spokesperson tells ShippingWatch. Shippers will meet and discuss the case again.

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