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Coronavirus slows down time frame for much-discussed CO2 fund

The industry's original plan for the billion dollar fund aimed at financing research into future fuel types has been overtaken by reality with the coronavirus outbreak. In the meantime, everyone must double their will to move forward, says John Butler, president and CEO of the World Shipping Council.

US bans all incoming travel from Europe

US President Donald Trump bans all travel from Europe to the US for 30 days, he says in an address to the nation. "The restriction stops people not goods," the president writes on Twitter.

EU committed to introducing CO2 quotas on shipping

Despite shipping companies doing everything in their power to avoid it, the European Commission stands firm. CO2 quotas must be imposed on shipping, and the proposal will be introduced in a few months, says top official. The European Parliament widely supports the use of quotas.

Shipowners call on EU to support new CO2 fund

It is crucial that EU member states support the proposal for a new billion-dollar fund in late March when it will be debated at the IMO, says President & CEO of the World Shipping Council. "The European Union has a very loud voice at the IMO."

ECSA appeals to the EU: Regional legislation could undermine IMO's work

The European Community Shipowners' Association has just presented a list of recommendations for the climate plan being put together by the EU. Among other things, the shipowners warn against regional legislation that could risk "undermining" the IMO's targets. Find the recommendations here.

Carbon quotas for ships could be adopted as soon as next year

Powerful forces in the European Parliament are working to impose the CO2 quotas on shipping that companies are fighting vehemently against already next year. ShippingWatch has interviewed Jutta Paulus, spokesperson for a bill that could make the quotas a reality in 2020.

France wants EU tax on ship fuel

France wants an EU tax on ship fuel and planes to bring down greenhouse gas emissions. Several major shipping lines like Maersk and BW Group have previously recommended one type of tax on shipping's fuel.

Johnson's Brexit plan faces doubters in Brussels and Westminster

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson presents the latest Brexit divorce settlement proposal to both the EU Commission and the House of Commons today, Thursday. The question of an Irish border continues to be a central contentious issue, with new lines being drawn along the Irish Sea. Even so, Downing Street has softened its rhetoric from the recent "final offer" stance to a broader, negotiable platform.

US to put new tariffs on European goods

The Trump administration has announced new tariffs on European products for more than USD 7 billion annually starting on Oct. 18. The move comes in response to illegal government aid to Airbus.

Green NGO wants EU to drop maritime tax exemptions

The tax exemptions applying to the maritime sector's use of fossil fuels must end, Transport and Environment writes in a new report. They are neither environmentally nor ethically defensible, the NGO writes.

Huge Chinese ambitions threaten Europe's shipping sector

China has several projects in the works aimed at helping the country's shipbuilding and shipping sector. "I don't think that in the shipowners community there is a full understanding of the impact of the Chinese policy yet," says Sea Europe's Secretary General in an interview with ShippingWatch.

OECD responds to container carriers' criticism

First the OECD was criticized by the World Shipping Council, which called the organization's latest report on container shipping companies' special competitive conditions "incomprehensible, erroneous and misunderstood." Now the OECD has fired back.

May asks EU for Brexit extension until June 30

After a series of defeats and rebukes in the House of Commons, thus far preventing any deal with the continent, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the EU to extend article 50's due date until late June. This could improve the chances of striking a digestible Brexit deal.

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