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Shipping companies are eying biofuel

Since Goodfuels signed up shipping company Norden as a biofuels customer, the pace has quickened for the company. Large oceangoing carriers are next in line, says founder and CEO in an interview with ShippingWatch.

ICS criticizes shipbuilding subsidies

The shipping industry must be financially sustainable to be able to live up to the impending environmental requirements on CO2 emissions reductions, stresses ICS, criticizing the subsidies which support the construction of new vessels.

Scientists believe ship exhaust makes thunder more intense

Ship exhaust intensifies thunderstorms, shows new US research. Powerful lightning in the Indian Ocean, the Malacca Strait, and the South China Sea has struck exactly where the vessels sail, show 12 years of registrations. See the comparison here.

Maersk on the list of biggest environmental polluters

100 companies are responsible for more than 70 percent of industrial emissions of greenhouse gases since 1998, reveals a new investigation. Maersk Group is included on the list of the biggest polluters which is particularly dominated by oil companies.

NGO: Shipping could undermine CO2 reductions

If shipping is does not soon adopt a plan for to reduce its CO2 emissions, the result of the other CO2 reduction efforts from land-based transport will be severely limited, projects NGO Transport & Environment.

Unexpected strong support for CO2 resolution at IMO

The IMO member states have allegedly reacted to the pressure from stakeholders to deliver on a CO2 resolution. In any case, there is surprisingly strong support for deciding on a specific time-frame for CO2 reductions, according to the Danish Shipowner's Association. Several other stakeholders criticize the IMO member states for setting the bar too low.

EU Parliament wants shipping included in CO2 quota scheme

There is broad cross-party support in the EU Parliament to incorporate the shipping industry into the EU's CO2 quota scheme in accordance with the EU's 2030 emissions targets. This would mean that from 2021, carriers would pay for their emissions by buying emissions quotas.

Sulfur violators can get away with minor penalties

Fines for vessels which violate international sulfur requirements range from just over EUR 2,900 to EUR 6 million, according to a new report from the OECD which questions the commitment of signatory countries to enforcing the rules. It calls for carriers to take on the burden of proof.

Shipping lobby calls for sulfur decision in 2016

There is a need for complete clarity on the global sulfur cap this year. At the IMO's meeting in London this week, organizations such as Intertanko and the International Chamber of Shipping call for clarification as soon as possible.

China preparing tougher environmental requirements

The Chinese authorities are preparing to introduce environmental zones for shipping several places in the country, starting in the new year. Specific requirements for reduced sulfur and CO2 emissions underway.

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