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Germany joins the Hong Kong Convention

Germany now joins the global regulations aimed at ensuring better and more environmentally sound shipbreaking. However, it will still be some time before the regulations take effect.

EU accused of protectionism on shipbreaking

Bimco says that the EU is using its shipbreaking rules to shield its shipyards against competitors in Southern Asia, contrary to the wishes of the usually influential shipping companies in Europe.

Turkey ratifies Hong Kong convention

Turkey, as the latest in a series of countries, has just ratified the Hong Kong convention on shipbreaking. Seven nations now support the regulations.

Maersk believes several problems in Alang are now solved

Improvements at three yards in Alang have been so big, that they now represent a real alternative to China and Turkey, says Maersk CEO Søren Skou. However, the group acknowledges that there is still uncertainty with regard to the marine environment and problems with access to medical aid.

Cash buyer criticizes blacklisting: "It's not realistic"

The world's biggest cash buyer of end-of-life ships, GMS, thinks that Norway's oil fund has blacklisted four carriers on an uninformed basis. "They simply don't understand shipbreaking," says non-executive director Nikos Mikelis.

India preparing to ratify to Hong Kong Convention

India is working to comply with international regulations for responsible vessel scrapping, said the country's shipping minister at an IMO meeting last week. A large portion of the global fleet is scrapped in India.

First shipbreaker in Bangladesh is approved

For the first time, a scrapping yard in Bangladesh has been certified to meet global shipping standards under the Hong Kong convention. However, the convention has yet to come into force.

Maersk vessels sailed under black-listed flag for final journey

Four vessels from Maersk Line sailed under black-listed flags, when on the way to be scrapped along the coast of Alang, India. The out-flagging occurred after the group sold the vessels to cash buyers. Seafarers risk paying the price, says an NGO and union.

Denmark accedes to Hong Kong Convention

Denmark has informed the IMO that it will, as the seventh member state, ratify the Hong Kong Convention, which aims to improve shipbreaking conditions at yards across the globe. But the convention still needs a lot of additional ratification before it can come into force.

German association acquits shipowners on scrapping

It is not the job of shipowners to secure that scrapyards in Asia have justifiable conditions, says the German shipowners' association after the country's carriers were criticized for their scrapping practice. CEO critcizes IMO countries for not ratifying the Hong Kong Convention.

German shipowners are frequent scrapyard users

German shipowners scrapped 98 of 100 retiring vessels on the beaches of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Yard workers and the environment are paying the price for the German shipping industry's financial woes, says Shipbreaking Platform. Find the list of scrapped vessels here.

Major shareholder deems Maersk declaration "unduly aggressive"

Two major shareholders voice criticism of Maersk's declaration to disregard EU shipbreaking rules. Nordea Wealth Management wants to know why Maersk refuses to comply with EU regulations, scheduled to take effect in 2017, and Norway's KLP calls the stance "unduly aggressive".

Hapag-Lloyd will only recycle ships at EU-approved yards

Hapag-Lloyd will only recycle vessels at facilities approved by the EU from next year, the carrier informs ShippingWatch. This announcement contrasts with Maersk, which has stated that the company will consider flagging out European vessels if the best Indian yards are not included on the EU list.

J. Lauritzen supports Maersk in Alang controversy

J. Lauritzen deems it visionary of Maersk to recycle vessels in Alang. If India is going to improve, the carriers have to put on the pressure, the bulk carrier tells ShippingWatch. Norden cites the Hong Kong Convention, just as Maersk does. Torm is working on its scrapping policy.

EU could soften stance on controversial Alang yards

A new proposal could alter the EU's upcoming regulations for shipbreaking so they match the global Hong Kong Convention. As such, the highly criticized Indian yards could perhaps still be approved by the European Union, and this is good news for Maersk right now.

Alang union: Working conditions are too dangerous

Conditions at Indian ship recycling yards in Alang remain unsafe in spite of improvements. There are too few hospital beds and workers live in the slums without clean water to drink, says union ASSRGWA, which organizes one in four workers in Alang, in an interview with ShippingWatch.

NGO: Denmark does Maersk a favor by ratifying Hong Kong Convention

Denmark's government is doing Maersk a favor by ratifying the Hong Kong Convention, the UN's international standard for responsible shipbreaking, states NGO Shipbreaking Platform, which combats shipbreaking on the infamous beaches of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Hong Kong Convention takes major leap forward

Panama ratified the Hong Kong Convention on Monday. The country accounts for 18 percent of the world's commercial fleet, and as such, the IMO standards for shipbreaking have taken a huge leap forward towards a final ratification.

Minister wants Denmark to accede to shipbreaking convention in 2017

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, will make sure that Denmark accedes to the UN's regulations for scrapping in the Hong Kong Convention in early 2017 as the fifth country in the world. More countries need to join in for the convention to take effect.

Is it okay to scrap a vessel here?

Clipper, Maersk and the Danish Shipowners' Association all have a new stance on ship scrapping on the beaches of Alang. See the pictures from one yard which have convinced shipowners that times have changed in the region. And also the pictures that used to keep shipowners away.

Denmark approaching ratification of Hong Kong Convention

The Danish government has taken the first steps towards a ratification of the Hong Kong Convention,the IMO proposal aimed at securing responsible shipbreaking. "Very positive," says the Danish Shipowners' Association to ShippingWatch regarding the development.

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