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ExxonMobil wants to grow as direct bunker supplier

Major oil companies are prepared to grab an even bigger share of the bunker market as direct suppliers to shipping companies after the new sulfur regulations enter force. ExxonMobil and Total tell ShippingWatch about their expectations following Jan. 1, 2020.

Kitack Lim launches summit with call for action

It is imperative that the IMO shows the organization is capable of finding ways of reducing shipping's emission of CO2 in the short term, says the secretary general in his opening speech at MEPC, calling for the industry to double its efforts in order to prepare for 2020.

Alfa Laval's customers favor open-loop scrubbers

The open-loop scrubbers, which are being criticized for emitting sulfur and particles into the water, are the most popular ones among shipowners, the head of Alfa Laval's marine division tells ShippingWatch.

Global sulfur regulations will have a huge impact on public health

When the global sulfur regulations are introduced in January 2020, it will have a large positive effect on public health, especially in Asia, say several of the researchers who recently presented the first results of the new sulfur caps in the Baltic and North Seas.

Peninsula bolsters itself ahead of 2020

The upcoming sulfur regulations have made British Peninsula Petroleum increase its credit facilities. According to the company, the extra capital will be used to realize growth plans in line with the 2020 requirements.

Hapag-Lloyd vil forbedre servicen på 12 punkter

Det tyske containerrederi Hapag-Lloyd har sat sig for at blive "nummer et på kvalitet". 12 elementer er identificeret som "kritiske komponenter" i servicen, siger CEO Rolf Habben-Jansen i et interview med ShippingWatch.

South Africa approves all scrubber types

Closed-loop, open-loop and hybrid scrubbers will all be permitted in South Africa, the country's maritime safety authority, SAMSA, has decided, shows an IMO 2020 document sent to stakeholders including shipowners

Shippers far from agree on support for added sulfur charge

Several of the world's largest shipping lines, such as Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk, say that customers seem to accept the extra cost of low-sulfur fuel oil. ShippingWatch has spoken to one of the world's largest shippers, which far from agrees.

This is why shipping companies support the "sulfur exception"

When there was mention of allowing ships without scrubbers to carry traditional fuel oil on board, shipping companies objected. And the proposal was shelved. There are several reasons why FONAR, which allows ships to bunker in emergency situations, gets their support after all.

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