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New deal will make it possible to trade with Iran

A new deal between leading EU countries together with China and Russia will make it possible for companies to continue trading with Iran. However, the extent to which countries dare defy the US remains an open question.

MSC is optimistic about opportunities in Iran

Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company, part of the 2M alliance, has already been to Iran to assess the business opportunities. The carrier - which relaunched a feeder service from the country last year - is optimistic.

MSC ser optimistisk på mulighederne i Iran

Maersks alliancepartner, Geneve-baserede Mediterranean Shipping Company, har allerede været i Iran for at vurdere forretningsmulighederne. Rederiet, der startede en feeder-service op fra landet sidste år, er optimistisk.

How the Iranian nuclear accord opens doors for shipping

Oil and shipping companies are glimpsing opportunities after the accord Tuesday for Iran's nuclear program and the prospect of the sanctions against the country being lifted. Read here, what significance the accord with the oil country could entail.

Tanker carriers counting down to Iran nuclear accord

If an accord is reached with Iran today concerning the country's nuclear program, it will likely result in millions of dollars in additional profits for the tanker carriers, according to the shipowners' association.

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