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Color Line hit with record sulfur fine

According to Norwegian media Sysla, a Color Line ferry has received the largest sulfur fine ever in Norway since the new sulfur regulations were introduced in 2015. The shipping company disagrees and has filed a complaint.

Bimco: Insufficient sulfur resolution would weaken the IMO

Implementing and not least enforcing global sulfur requirements will be a test of the IMO's legitimacy, according to Bimco's Deputy Secretary General, Lars Robert Pedersen, in comments today to ShippingWatch, as the crucial sulfur meeting begins in the IMO.

Trident Alliance warns against exposing all sulfur sinners

It is not in the interest of the public to release the names of carriers found guilty of breaching sulfur regulations, says Roger Strevens, Chairman of Trident Alliance, which counts 42 international carriers as members. To release names without nuance would do no good, he tells ShippingWatch.

Denmark to name sulfur cheaters

Names of carriers which violate sulfur requirements in Danish waters could soon be made public. Denmark's Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, is ready with a proposal which has already divided the shipping industry.

Stena hoping for delayed sulfur regulation

Ballast water regulation was delayed at the last minute, so why not sulfur, asks the head of Stena Bulk, Erik Hånell. The carrier has not yet decided on how it will address the global sulfur requirements.

Breaching global sulfur regulations could cost insurance

Shipowners should not assume that insurance will continue to cover if the global sulfur requirements in 2020 are violated, warns insurance broker Marsh. At Skuld, it is seen as unlikely that there will be prejudice in the P&I coverage, the CEO tells ShippingWatch.

Danish Shipping: The challenge of sulfur cheating is real

The risk of carriers cheating with sulfur requirements to benefit financially is a real threat to law-abiding shipowners from 2020, says Maria Skipper Schwenn, Executive Director of Danish Shipping. She rejects the criticism that that the industry is exerting too much energy chasing ghosts.

"You could end up chasing a ghost"

Authorities and carriers fear that a huge number of ships will cheat on the scales when the global sulfur directive comes into force. But resources are being wasted in the hunt for future sulfur violators, says Niels Bjørn Mortensen, former Director of Regulatory Affairs at Maersk.

Sweden to issue long-awaited environmental fines next year

This spring the Swedish authorities will be able to fine vessels that breach the sulfur directive, Sweden's minister for the environment, Karolina Skog, tells ShippingWatch. A proposal is currently being circulated for formal consultation.

The solution to one shipping climate challenge could exacerbate another

The upcoming global sulfur directive is designed to solve a pollution issue, but the regulations look set to significantly exacerbate another problem. "It's not free for the environment," says a bunker consultant. It is the price that has to be paid to reduce sulfur emissions, says supplier Haldor Topsøe.

Shipowners support global ban in war against sulfur cheating

The international shipowners' associations are now recommending a ban against carrying certain fuel types on board vessels as part of efforts to ensure that the global sulfur directive is respected from Jan. 1 2020. The ban will be discussed at an IMO meeting in February.

Deutsche Bank: Sulfur directive could change shipping

A big part of the global commercial fleet is wholly unprepared for the new environmental requirements set to come into force in 2020, and this could be a game changer in the sector, says Deutsche Bank after meetings with the sector.

EU Commission eyes clear advantages in fuel ban

EU politicians in Brussels are hesitant to take the lead when it comes to a ban on fuel with sulfur levels exceeding the upcoming cap. However, the EU Commission does note significant advantages in potentially no longer using this fuel at sea, and expects that a ban is possible.

Maersk backs fuel ban in sulfur debate

Maersk would welcome a ban on fuel which does not meet the low-sulfur content requirements. This is a simple way of ensuring effective enforcement of the rules, says the head of fleet technology at Maersk Line to ShippingWatch.

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