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Contaminated bunker spreads to China

A law firm now says that it is involved in a case concerning bad bunker in China. This means that the problem, which has affected close to a hundred ships since the spring of this year, has now spread further.

US oil exports to China hit zero again

For the past two months, US exports of oil to China have clocked in at zero, according to Bimco. But other countries have increased their import of US oil.

ExxonMobil invests billions in Chinese LNG market

ExxonMobil bridges its billion dollar investment in LNG production around the world with a new import terminal in China, Reuters reports. The american company will also initially end up sidestepping tariffs, the media bureau writes.

China rejects ban on open loop scrubbers

Speaking to Lloyd's List, China rejects claims that the country is working on an upcoming ban on open loop scrubbers, a technology which has been criticized in several countries.

The US escalates trade war with China

US President Donald Trump acts on his threats, and starting next week the US will introduce additional tariffs on Chinese goods totaling USD 200 billion.

China tightens sulfur regulations on key trade route

From Oct. 1, China will require that vessels sailing on the crucial trade route along the Yangtze river sail on fuel with maximum 0.5 percent sulfur. This is three months earlier than expected, reports North P&I in an update to customers.

China wants more ships to sail on LNG

China's Ministry of Transportation wants to expand the country's LNG infrastructure, so more ships shift from using heavy fuel over to liquefied natural gas. The announcement arrives after the country threatened sanctions on US LNG last week.

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