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Owners buy more second-hand ships

The purchasing of second-hand ships has increased significantly since 2018, shows an analysis from Danish Shipping, according to Børsen. The development is attributed to good prices and uncertainty surrounding future environmental regulations.

Denmark earmarks millions for sulfur monitoring

The Danish government has earmarked DKK 12 million to monitor ships' sulfur use in the country's waters for the next four years. And starting next year, it could become possible to publicly name shipping companies caught violating the sulfur regulations.

Nordic countries looking to take the lead in autonomous vessels

Denmark's Minister for Business and Growth affirms to ShippingWatch that the country will be a leading player in the field of autonomous vessels despite numerous challenges. He responds "soon" when asked when the first such vessels can operate in Danish waters.

Denmark has fined three carriers for sulfur violations

Danish police has issued 17 fines to carriers that have sailed with sulfur content that is too high, and thus illegal, in their fuel. ShippingWatch can name one Dutch, one Faroese, and one Singaporean carrier as Denmark's first three sulfur sinners.

Fewer students apply to maritime programs

The number of students applying for maritime programs at universities in Denmark dropped almost 12 percent in 2017. Applying for the maritime programs should be made more attractive and flexible, says Danish Shipping.

Q1 operating result slashed in half at Dong

The Danish energy major delivers a top line similar to last year's first quarter but has to enter 2017 with a lower result. CEO Henrik Poulsen calls the result "a good start to 2017."

Maritime nations call for regulation of unmanned ships

Denmark is teaming up with countries including Finland and the UK to put pressure on the IMO to pass regulations concerning unmanned vessels, particularly for sailing in international waters. The countries' proposal will be discussed at a meeting this June.

New Danish North Sea deal settled

The companies operating in the North Sea, including Maersk Oil, and a majority in the Danish parliament have agreed on a new deal for oil extraction in the North Sea. Maersk Oil is pleased with the agreement, which according to the company enables a full redevelopment of the Tyra gas field, which was otherwise facing closure.

Greenland considers creation of maritime authority

Politicians in Greenland will this week assess whether the entire maritime political area can be brought back to Greenland instead of falling under the Danish Maritime Authority. The idea falls in line with Royal Arctic Line's plans to flag more of the carrier's vessels locally.

Shipowners: Huge potential in artificial North Sea island

Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark plan to construct a huge artificial island in the North Sea. The project, which will cost billions of euros to complete, will serve as a hub for upwards of 7,000 offshore wind turbines. Shipowners eye significant potential. Find a video of the project here.

Growing number of sulfur violators in Denmark

More vessels have been caught with too much sulfur in their fuel this year than in 2015 when the sulfur requirements in Danish waters took effect, according to the relevant records. This number is still relatively low, says Denmark's Environmental Protection Agency.

Denmark's oil exploration at a total standstill

Not a single exploratory drilling has taken place this year in the Danish North Sea shelf, and there is no promise of any in 2017. Struggling oil companies and one delayed bidding round are the reason, says the Danish state oil and gas company Nordsøfonden.

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