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DP World looking at Eritrea as a way to sidestep Djibouti troubles

Arabian port major DP World is considering investing in Eritrea as a possible key destination at the Horn of Africa, says CEO. Eritrea could thus become an alternative to Djibouti, where the company is in a dispute with the government concerning a terminal concession.

DP World to Djibouti: Doraleh concession still valid

DP World insists that a concession arrangement for the container terminal in Doraleh in Djibouti remains valid. The Djibouti government refuses to acknowledge the outcome on an arbitration case in London that sided with the Dubai-based port operator in the dispute.

DP World stands firm on rights in Djibouti dispute

Terminal operator DP World still claims to have a legally binding agreement to operate a container terminal in Djibouti in East Africa. The country's government terminated a concession arrangement with DP World in February 2018.

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