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Shipowners call on IMO members to comply with sulfur regulations

Shipowners in associations including World Shipping Council and Bimco call on the IMO member states to ensure complete compliance with the new sulfur regulations set to come into force next year. The calls come after several countries have flirted with the idea of not enforcing the regulations in their territorial waters.

India considers dropping new sulfur regulations

India considers not enforcing the new sulfur regulations for ships sailing on inland routes and along the coast. Indonesia has previously aired a similar idea but had to quickly withdraw it.

Alphaliner: APM Terminals could be leaving India

An Indian newspaper reports that APM Terminals is preparing to sell its large stake in port Gateway Terminals India. If the sale happens, it could indicate that APM Terminals is on track to leave India entirely, writes Alphaliner in an analysis.

BW LPG forms joint venture in India

Gas carrier BW LPG will increase its presence in India with a new joint venture. The partnership provides growth opportunities and a stronger foundation in one of the world's biggest LPG markets, says CEO.

Minister wants Denmark to accede to shipbreaking convention in 2017

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, will make sure that Denmark accedes to the UN's regulations for scrapping in the Hong Kong Convention in early 2017 as the fifth country in the world. More countries need to join in for the convention to take effect.

EU: Our requirements will improve conditions in Alang

The EU's new scrapping regulations have been criticized for hindering progress at Alang yards with its new requirements. Speaking to ShippingWatch, the Commission claims the opposite. By strengthening requirements, Indian shipyards will improve their conditions so they can gain EU approval.

TransNav plans to double its fleet

Following the merger of two Indian tanker carriers, resulting unit TransNav is now targeting expansion. The carrier plans to double its fleet within two years. Although the headquarters are located in Singapore, India is still the focal point for the shipping company.

Noble bets on unstructured India

"The industry is sick," says Noble Chartering in an interview as the company turns its focus to India. Because with a dry bulk industry hit by overcapacity and the Chinese slowdown, the time has come to look for new market potential.

India's coal import in serious dive

Coal cargo headed to India, the world's third-largest coal importer, is declining rapidly and is, for the first time in five years, expected to note a slide in imports, reports Alphabulk.

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