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Media: Iranian tanker on fire off the coast of Saudi Arabia

Iranian news agency ISNA and Reuters report that an Iranian tanker ship has burst into flames after being hit by an explosion off the coast of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The ship allegedly belongs to Iranian oil company National Petroleum Company.

Stena CEO: Stena Impero still detained in Iran

Vessel Stena Impero, which was seized by Iran in July, remains detained in the country, says Stena Bulk CEO Erik Hånell. This happens despite the fact that Iranian authorities have said the vessel has been released.

Tanker rates may drop following attack on Saudi Arabian oil plants

VLCC and LPG rates will face pressure following Saturday's drone attack on two Saudi oil plants, assesses investment bank Cleaves Securities. The bank furthermore predicts that the strike may lead to "several attacks on shipping" in the area around the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran may release Stena vessel "within days"

A spokesperson from Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says vessel Stena Impero may be released "within days". The ship was detained by Iran on July 20 and has since then been docked at the Port of Bandar Abbas.

US accuses Iranian shipping network of funding terrorism

The US has allegedly uncovered a shipping network that the country says has helped Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps move several million barrels of oil. This prompts the US to warn the industry against entering oil deals with Iran. The US also issues a special warning to the bunker sector.

USA beskylder iransk shipping-netværk for at finansiere terror

USA mener at have optrevlet et shipping-netværk, som ifølge USA har hjulpet den Islamiske Revolutionsgarde med at flytte flere mio. tønder olie. Det får USA til at advare shippingindustrien mod at indgå i handler med olie med Iran. USA sender også en særskilt advarsel til bunkerbranchen.

Stena CEO asks India's president for help to release ship

In a letter, Stena Bulk's CEO calls on India's prime minister to personally enter the efforts to secure the release of UK-flagged tanker ship Stena Impero and its primarily Indian crew members, who have been detained in Iran since mid-July.

Security firms pulling British guards from the Gulf

The detainment of a UK-flagged tanker vessel close to the Strait of Hormuz now makes security firms pull their British employees from ships in the area. "We are advising our clients do the same," co-founder of major security firm tells Financial Times.

The US warns of Iranian threats to ships

US authorities have issued a warning about Iranian threats to vessels sailing in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf. According to the US, several ships have experienced GPS interference.

USA advarer om iranske trusler mod skibe

De amerikanske myndigheder har udsendt en advarsel om iranske trusler mod skibe i i Hormuzstrædet og i Den Persiske Bugt. Flere skibe har ifølge USA oplevet forstyrrelser med GPS-sendere.

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