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Media: Panama has kicked out Iranian ships

Around 60 tanker ships with Iranian owners have allegedly been excluded from Panama's ship register, report several media. The move happens as part of the US sanctions against Iran.

The US again warns tankers against violating Iran sanctions

The US government has issued a new warning to the shipping industry to not violate the recently reintroduced sanctions by, for example, sailing Iranian oil to Syria. At the same time, the US also introduces new sanctions against nine Iranian targets.

US warns shipping against dealing with Iranian companies

More than 200 individuals and ships in the Iranian shipping and energy sector, including the two major state-owned carriers, are included on the US sanction list. The US warns the global shipping industry against Iranian attempts to evade the sanctions.

Iranian oil reaches China before sanctions

Ships carrying more than 20 million barrels of oil from Iran are headed for China in the coming weeks, and the oil will perhaps be sold to Chinese customers before the sanctions against Iran come into force, reports Reuters.

Iranian shipping has only one slim hope left

Mohammad Saeidi is the personification of Iranian shipping. Right now he has one, perhaps slim, hope left before the country is hit by renewed sanctions less than a month from now. Western shipping companies are leaving the country, and the question now is whether this will change.

New deal will make it possible to trade with Iran

A new deal between leading EU countries together with China and Russia will make it possible for companies to continue trading with Iran. However, the extent to which countries dare defy the US remains an open question.

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