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Norway considers historic oil cuts

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Norway could be about to lower its oil output. This occurs at a time when the country was otherwise expected to increase production.

Nordic shipping hit by closed borders and layoffs

Denmark, Germany and Norway have either shut down their borders or temporarily sealed off access to the countries in other ways in response to the corona outbreak. Large shipping companies are sending employees home.

Ammonia becomes part of Norway's hydrogen strategy

Norwegian Oil and Energy Minister Tina Bru says that ammonia will be set on equal footing as an energy source in the country's new strategy to develop hydrogen. This could be interesting to shipping, which is looking for new energy types.

DIV Group to acquire Norwegian yard Kleven

A Croatian industrial group has agreed with ferry operator Hurtigruten to acquire yard Kleven Verft. This happens shortly after the yard's CFO told Norwegian media that the company was about to get a new owner.

Norway gets new oil minister

Norway gets a new minister of petroleum and energy as part of a government reshuffle. According to the prime minister, the new oil minister could contribute to taking debates on the field to a higher level.

Climate awareness makes Norwegian oil wages increase

Norwegian oil wages are increasing again, and for engineers and other workers organized under Tekna, the average is approaching NOK 1 million annually. A growing climate awareness among Norwegians is one of the reasons.

Key figure in Fredriksen empire steps down

One of the most important people in John Fredriksen's empire is leaving the group. Since 2009, Harald Thorstein has been part of Fredriksen's private management company Seatankers Management, which handles all the group's investments.

Norwegian oil wages on the rise again

Industry insiders in the Norwegian oil sector warn that pay levels are increasing, fearing a return to past times of runaway prices and wages. "Very concerning," says director.

Norway wealth fund gets nod to sell USD 6 billion in oil stocks

Norway's sovereign wealth fund gets the go-ahead to sell oil and gas stocks for a value of close to USD 6 billion after a two-year process that has seen an initial proposal to offload all its oil investments be reduced to what amounts to a smaller investment.

Airbus says it has found cause of helicopter crash off Turøy

The producer of the helicopter that crashed off Norwegian island Turøy in 2016, Airbus, says it has pinpointed the technical error leading to the fatal accident, Sysla writes. Aside from that, the company refers to the conclusions of the crash report.

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