News on Qatar.

Qatar confirms plans for 60 new LNG ships

The head of Qatar Petroleum, who also serves as the country's energy minister, confirms Qatar's plans to order as many as 60 new LNG ships. The country is looking toward Asian shipyards for starters.

Qatar's oil company increases LNG production

State-owned Qatar Petroleum will increase its production of liquefied natural gas to more than 100 million barrels a year. Qatar thus emphasizes its focus on LNG as the fuel of the future, writes Wood Mackenzie.

Dubai sets out harsh sanctions for Qatar vessels

Dubai has opted to bar virtually all vessels headed to Qatar regardless of flags. This is evident from a notice issued by authorities in Dubai which ShippingWatch is in possession of. But there is still widespread confusion about how the gulf states will handle the boycott of Qatar.

An overview of the Qatar crisis' impact on shipping

Six neighboring countries have cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar amid claims the Gulf state supports terrorism. The blockade thus far has triggered logistical headaches across the entire shipping industry. Here is how the crisis has affected the maritime sphere.

Qatar spat could hit Hapag-Lloyd capital expansion

Qatar owns close to 15 percent of the share capital in Hapag-Lloyd, and this could pose problems for the planned capital expansion in light of the state's current conflict with its Arab neighbors, writes Alphaliner. Several container carriers are already hit by the boycott against Qatar.

LNG market nervously awaits outcome of Qatar dispute

If the conflict between Qatar and its neighboring states escalates further, the development could impact the supply of LNG. Six LNG vessels have so far been denied access to the United Arab Emirates, reports Reuters. But a consultant remains optmistic.

Milaha loses ground during 2016

Oil and shipping group Milaha, also known as Qatar Navigation, lost revenue in four of the group's five business areas during the first nine months of the year, according to a financial statement.

Analyst prices Maersk Oil at USD 6-13 billion

Maersk Oil would be able to fetch about USD 6-13 billion if the Maersk Group decides to sell the company, projects Sydbank's senior analyst in the wake of the announcement on Monday that the oil company was rejected as future partner on a vital oil field in Qatar.

Security considerations may have tripped Maersk in Qatar

Strengthening its ties to France in the midst of uncertain times in the Middle East may have impacted Qatar's choice of Total for the Al-Shaheen field, says an associate professor. He believes that security politics plays a bigger role than before in the oil sector.

Analysts: Loss of Qatar is rough for Maersk, but...

Losing out on the tender for the Al Shaheen field in Qatar is a big blow to Maersk Oil, but the company would have lost a big part of the income from the field in Qatar regardless, several analysts note. Meanwhile, Maersk has the capital to go shopping for acquisitions if the group wants to.

Maersk Oil loses tender for vital Qatar field

Maersk Oil has lost out on the tender to operate the massive Al-Shaheen field in Qatar, a field in which the Danish company currently serves as operator. Al-Shaheen is one of the world largest oil fields and has for years been a de-facto moneymaker for Maersk.

DSV lands agreement with Arab shipping group

Freight-forwarder DSV has entered an agreement with Arab shipping group Milaha, which will partner exclusively with DSV in Qatar. Meanwhile Milaha will gain access to DSV's worldwide network.

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