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US seizes 11 million dollars from shipowner in Syria complex

A US court has ruled that a Turkish shipowner will forfeit more than USD 11 million for having violated US and European sanctions against Syria. The case is part of a complex in which the US is trying to tighten the net on a network of Russians and Syrians.

US trying to confiscate millions from shipowner in Syria complex

The US wants to confiscate USD 20 million from a Turkish shipowner. According to the US, the company is part of an illegal network that has sailed oil products to Syria, breaching international sanctions. The case is an offshoot of a larger effort focused on the network.

Trump raises tariffs on Turkish steel

The US on Monday imposed new sanctions against Turkey. According to President Donald Trump, tariffs on Turkish steel will be raised to 50 percent, a move that comes in response to Turkey's offensive in northern Syria.

Danish Defense has held meetings with Unioil about Syria case

Danish Defense has discussed the Syria case with its major supplier Unioil and its owner, Bunker Holding, in physical meetings as well as in writing. The Defense is interested in the case because Unioil has the same owner as Dan-Bunkering. "The dialog has been – and is – continuous," says the Defense in a comment.

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