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The US has changed its IMO course under Trump

The US' IMO mandate has changed after climate skeptic Donald Trump moved into the White House. "We are not as active as we used to be," the head of the US delegation tells ShippingWatch ahead of a crucial meeting in April.

European refineries first in line for US shale boom

The US is on its way to becoming the biggest oil nation in the world in 2023, but the country's refineries do not have the capacity to handle the many new barrels of oil. Europe in particular could become a major buyer of US shale oil, says Wood Mackenzie.

US supertanker terminal set to export oil for first time

The biggest crude oil imports terminal in the US is testing one of the sector's biggest tankers to load an export cargo for the first time. This could represent a step forward in US capacity to export its rising oil production.

Offshore wind encourages Americans to build their own installation vessels

More new offshore wind farms may be on the way in the US, but that does not necessarily mean that the Jones Act, which hinders European players from carrying out installations on non-US vessels, will be done away with. Instead, there are indicators that US yards will build the necessary vessels themselves, says a US offshore wind researcher.

Trump suspends Jones Act for Puerto Rico

The US has decided to, after all, allow foreign vessels to and from Puerto Rico. Donald Trump's spokeswoman says on Twitter that the President has opted to suspend the Jones Act in Puerto Rico.

Dockworkers block automation of vehicles in West Coast ports

The powerful US dockworker union ILWU has succeeded in slowing the development towards automation in Los Angeles and Long Beach. A new law holds that environmentally-friendly vehicles in the ports must not be fully automated or remote controlled in order to secure subsidies.

US suspends Jones Act in wake of two hurricanes

A fear of lacking oil and oil product supplies in hurricane-stricken areas has prompted the Trump Administration to temporarily allow vessels sailing under foreign flags to operate in US waters.

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