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WTO lowers its global growth forecast significantly

The WTO has once again lowered its expectations for global growth. Next week the IMF will present its projections, which the IMF head indicates will also be lower. New customs tariffs between the US and China as well as uncertainty surrounding Brexit are key factors.

Olieprisen begynder at trække op imod de 70 dollars igen

Den er der ikke endnu, men efter et dyk omkring nytår er olieprisen ved at krydse 65 dollars per tønde og har dermed retning mod de 71 dollars, som den gennemsnitlige pris lød på sidste år. Godt for offshoreinvesteringerne. Dyrt for shipping.

The US again warns tankers against violating Iran sanctions

The US government has issued a new warning to the shipping industry to not violate the recently reintroduced sanctions by, for example, sailing Iranian oil to Syria. At the same time, the US also introduces new sanctions against nine Iranian targets.

US oil exports to China hit zero again

For the past two months, US exports of oil to China have clocked in at zero, according to Bimco. But other countries have increased their import of US oil.

US warns shipping against dealing with Iranian companies

More than 200 individuals and ships in the Iranian shipping and energy sector, including the two major state-owned carriers, are included on the US sanction list. The US warns the global shipping industry against Iranian attempts to evade the sanctions.

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