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The US escalates trade war with China

US President Donald Trump acts on his threats, and starting next week the US will introduce additional tariffs on Chinese goods totaling USD 200 billion.

Hurricane Florence will impact shipping

Hurricane Florence is currently ravaging through the US east coast and will impact shipping routes in the region. One specific market will be struck particularly hard. Carriers are decreasing the speed of vessels.

Trafigura to build large oil terminal in Texas

Swiss-based commodity trader Trafigura has filed for permission to build a terminal in Texas which can be used by the largest oil tanker vessels. The project will facilitate the growing export of US crude oil.

Trade war hits US export of LNG and crude oil

An unintentional consequence of US President Donald Trump's trade war on China is that China proposes to impose tariffs on the import of LNG and crude oil from the US, according to Reuters.

Cosco gets US approval for OOIL acquisition

The Chinese shipping conglomerate's acquisition of OOIL has now secured a much-anticipated US approval after the two parties have agreed to sell the Long Beach Container Terminal.

EU leaders agree on strategy for trade war

Early Friday morning CET the state and government leaders finished their negotiations. They support the Commission's strategy for the trade war while also calling for a reform of the WTO.

China preparing tough response to US tariffs

The US's individualist trade policy will ultimately harm the country's own workers and farmers, says Chinese spokesperson at a press conference. China will take action to defend its own interests.

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