Newspaper: Containers full of toxic gases

Toxic gases have been found in imported containers, according to readings done in the Netherlands and Denmark. According to the business section of Danish daily, Berlingske, as many as 100,000 containers are exceeding the levels allowed for chemical fumes.

More than one out of six imported containers in Denmark contains hazardous gases that could poison people working in warehouses and ports, and drivers, according to readings done in the Netherlands and Denmark, writes Berlingske Business. The toxic gases stem from pesticides or moisture, or from gas leaking from products in the container. IKEA has just decided to measure the gas level of all containers before opening them. Some countries have experienced accidents in which people working with the containers have been disabled or even killed.

According to the newspaper, the ventilation in a container could be 50 times worse than that of a normal room. Toxic gases have been found in containers carrying products as diverse as shoes, electronics, food, furniture and household appliances.      

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