New ballast water regulation under pressure

Shipping companies all over the world express their scepticism about the new IMO ballast water convention. The Danish Shipowners’ Association is thus not the only one with critique.

Do we have the time to make the necessary investments before the new regulation will enter into force in 2014? Do the necessary cleaning systems exist?

These are some of the questions on the minds of the members in the World Shipping Council representing 90 per cent of the world’s container fleet.

“The World Shipping Council and its members are prepared to spend billions of US Dollars on the installation of the necessary systems to assure clean ballast water. But at the latest meeting in the IMO Marine Environment Committee, a widespread concern about the short time frame and whether or not the necessary systems exist, spread”, says Vice President in the World Shipping Council, Anne Marie Kappel

Support for the Danish Shipowners’ Association

This announcement shows that the Danish Shipowners’ Association is not alone in having doubts about the coming into force of the convention. Last week, Deputy Director General in the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Jan Fritz Hansen, stated that there is a broad agreement on the necessity of acting in order to do something about the large environmental problems connected to ballast water but the time frame is to short for the shipping companies to live up to the new and expensive demands. At the same time, he sent out a signal that the shipping companies intend to apply pressure to ensure that the date of the coming into force of the new IMO ballast water convention designed to assure that every vessel cleans the water it discharges will be postponed.

According to Anne Marie Kappel, the IMO Marine Environment Committee decided to gather more information on the implementation process and the technologies necessary to live up to the new demands on ballast water cleansing on time.

“We look forward to the new information and we really hope to gain an insight into the different cleaning systems available on the market which are necessary in order for the ships to comply with the new regulation by 2014”, she says

Minister: New environmental regulations to take effect in 2014 

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