Danish ports welcome EU announcement

The LNG-network initiative proposed by EU Transport Commissioner, Siim Kallas, receives praise from two Danish ports.


“It sounds very exciting and I am sure it will make people reconsider their approach to LNG,” says deputy chief executive officer (and future CEO) of Frederikshavn Havn, Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen (above image).

In an interview with ShippingWatch, the EU Transport Commissioner, Siim Kallas, stated that a new schedule for the establishment of a LNG-network will be released in August. According to Kallas, the EU is also prepared to support the project financially.

Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen believes that the current logistics and distribution of LNG is much too expensive, but Kallas’ statement gives him reason to reconsider his view of LNG as fuel.

“It definitely changes my perspective. In the current situation and with the techniques available right now, I do not think it is possible. But if the EU adds some support systems and gets a good grip of the safety measures, which have yet to be clearly defined, then it might very well be a possibility after all,” says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen. “And then, it will definitely also be a possibility that we can set up a terminal in Frederikshavn Havn.”

LNG – part of the solution

 Port director Ole Ingrisch from Esbjerg Havn views Kallas’ kick start of the LNG-network as one of several tools which could help improve the shipping industry’s impact on the environment.

“I believe that you should utilize all available technologies: scrubbers, shore power which is hopefully supplied by windmills, and of course, LNG,” says Ole Ingrisch and adds that if the market demands LNG and a supplier is willing to invest, then Esbjerg Havn is ready to offer LNG. The port has already been in contact with potential collaborators.

“You could easily imagine that a Fanø vessel , with only 12 minutes of travel time, might be able to run entirely on electrical power. Add to that a lot of short-sea traffic in the North Sea that could just as well run on LNG. I believe it is crucial to consider as many techniques as possible in order to reduce CO2 emissions in the shipping industry since it presents a huge problem,” says Ole Ingrisch.  

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