Semco Maritime look into additional purchasing

The Danish engineering company, Semco Maritime, is actively looking into the possibility of additional purchasing of companies following the takeover of the British engineering company, Capelrig.

Semco Maritime is looking into the possibilities of new takeovers of companies in the offshore sector, the CEO of Semco Maritime, Steen Brødbæk tells ShippingWatch

“We are actively monitoring the market and we do not intend to restrain ourselves if the right possibilities appear”, Steen Brødbæk says. Tuesday, Semco Maritime published their acquisition of the engineering company Capelrig in Aberdeen, Scotland. Other than strengthening its position and ability to handle major rig projects in the North Sea, also as a main contractor, Semco Maritime has secured the access to clients in the British parts of the North Sea which it does not already know.

An Aberdeen quay

Moreover, the takeover of Capelrig, employing 40 engineers and technicians, has meant that Semco Maritime is now on the lookout for a suitable quay in the area in which to upgrade rigs in order for Semco Maritime to become represented in all three corners of the North Sea. Aberdeen is the centre for the British oil and gas activities in the North Sea

“It is important to us that we will find a quay suitable for the very big rigs we will be towing in and in which we can do our job”, Steen Brødbæk says. Semco Maritime has the experience of quay operation from Norway where it has worked on two big upgrading projects for the world’s largest rig operator, Transocean, and furthermore, Semco Maritime operates its own facilities in Esbjerg.

2015 Strategy

The purchase of Capelrig and the probability of more to come are a result of the newly agreed Semco Maritime strategy “First Choice 2015” which focuses on the North Sea, the Middle East and Singapore as the three most important regions to the Danish offshore company.

C.W. Obel

Semco is owned by the Danish investment company C.W. Obel founded on the income from Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni (Scandinavian Tobacco Company). However, the solid financial foundation does not result in easy access to capital. Quite the contrary is true.

“We have a very good owner who wants to ensure that it gets its money back. And we have to come up with some good business plans explaining why it must invest in Semco Maritime and not elsewhere”, Steen Brødbæk says.

Semco strenghtens presence in Singapore 

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