Sirius Shipping reflags three tankers to DIS

Sirius Shipping is expanding its fleet with three tankers from troubled Swedish shipping line, SRAB, and reflagging to Danish International Ship Registry.

The economically troubled shipping line, SRAB, has dispensed with three tankers after the bank terminated its loans. The ships have now been sold to Sirius Shipping, which will reflag Nordic Victory from 2006, Nordic Glory from 2007, and Nordic Prima from 2008 from the Maltese registry to the Danish equivalent. The ships are of 7.000 DWT and will also be renamed.

"We expect to take over the ships in the near future, when the ships are free from agreed freight contracts. Thereafter, they will be upgraded to Sirius Standard," says CEO Jonas Backman, Sirius Shipping, to Sjöfartstidningen.

While Nordic Victory currently sails for Swede Chem Tankers in Stockholm, Nordic Glory and Nordic Prima are a part of the Danish Uni-Tankers fleet.

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