Tragic Svitzer accident close to clarification

Maersk-owned Svitzer is going to share the findings of the investigation commission regarding the accident on April 29th that killed seven crew members on a ship in Qatar with the rest of the industry.


Just over two weeks after the worst accident in Svitzer history, in which a powerful explosion in an oil- and gas field off the coast of Qatar killed seven crew members on April 29th, authorities together with Svitzer and the customer, Qatar Gas, seem to be nearing some clarification of the dramatic circumstances.

“Right now there is an ongoing official investigation, and it looks like there was a condensate spill, a gas that evaporated and then exploded,” says Head of Communication Jens Viby Mogensen, Svitzer, who adds that Svitzer was under contract to supply the ship, while a maintenance company was hired to maintain the ship.

The ships were performing maintenance work on a buoy used for pumping liquid gas into tank ships.

“For our part, it is important to learn from this, so that not only Svitzer, but the entire industry can benefit from the investigation commission’s conclusions, which is why we are going to share the conclusions with relevant interested parties in the industry,” says Jens Viby Mogensen.

Are you as a company insured against this kind of incident, in relation to employees?

“Yes, we are.”

Four of the killed crew members on board the Svitzer vessel were Indonesian citizens, one person was Indian and one British. In addition, one local employee of the maintenance company was killed in the explosion.

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