Danish offshore industry creates new organisation

Led by Maersk Oil, the combined Danish offshore industry has created a new trade organisation. According to information given to ShippingWatch, the new trade organisation withdraws completely from the Confederation of Danish Industry.

The establishment of a new and powerful Danish trade organisation within upstream oil and gas has gone by relatively unnoticed. The new organisation is called Oil Gas Denmark and looks to assemble the rapidly growing oil and gas sector in an organisation independent from the Danish business organisations including the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Shipowners’ Association and the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Other than Maersk Oil, chairing the Oil Gas Denmark board with Vice President Franz Willum Sørensen, the board consists of Vice President Verner Andersen from Semco Maritime (Vice Chairman), Country Manager from Dong E&P, Flemming Horn Nielsen, HESS Denmark Country Manager, Anders Nymann, and Managing Director of Ramboll Oil & Gas, John Sørensen. Oil Gas Denmark has hired Martin Peter Næsby as Managing Director. Previous to his new position, he was hired in Maersk Oil

Independent organisation

The new trade organisation consists of the members of the Danish Offshore Industry which until recently was a trade association within the Confederation of Danish Industry and the members of Danish Operators which was established in 1985 consisting of the present operators in the Danish parts of the North Sea.

“The Danish production of oil and gas still has a significant unexploited potential. Leading experts has clearly stated that the North Sea is still far from empty of oil and gas. Therefore, the North Sea is still an area in which the income may run into billions and we can create thousands of jobs. We believe that by uniting the industry in an organisation, we are able to meet this potential. Now, we have created a spokesbody for the industry able to speak on behalf of the entire industry, that is operators, service companies, and suppliers, helping our surroundings see the possibilities out there”, Martin Peter Næsby from Oil Gas Denmark tells ShippingWatch.

300 companies

The Danish industry’s operators, service companies and suppliers total approximately 300 companies, 15,000 employees and generate USD 5 billion to the Danish state each year. Furthermore, the industry adds value through exports, technology development and employment.

Oil Gas Denmark intends to show its colours to the industry ahead of the opening of the ONS in Stavanger, Norway on 28 August. A conference which is considered one of the most important meeting grounds for the international oil and gas industry.

“We have an ambition to reach more than 100 member companies during the years to come”, says Martin Peter Næsby, Managing Director of Oil Gas Denmark.

Cooperation on oil and gas

Since November 2011 and up to March this year, the partners have worked intensively on creating the foundations of Oil Gas Denmark.

“The fact that Oil Gas Denmark formally is an independent organisation does not mean that we battle with other business organisations in Denmark. It is more likely the opposite will be the case. We will make sure that the establishment of Oil Gas Denmark will also mark the beginning of a new and fertile cooperation with other organisations when it comes to oil and gas policies. By far the most of our members still have contractual affiliations to e.g. the Confederation of Danish Industry of the Danish Shipowners’ Association”, Martin Næsby finishes.

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