Media: Shipping minister leaves Danish government

The Danish newspaper, Weekendavisen, has learned that Ole Sohn will lose his post as Minister for Business and Growth at an imminent cabinet reshuffle, writes FinansWatch. Thereby, it seems Danish shipping and the maritime industry will gain a new minister, presumably the future party leader of The Socialist People’s Party, Astrid Krag.

According to the Danish newspaper, Weekendavisen, time is running out for Ole Sohn (The Socialist People’s Party) in his stint as Minister for Business and Growth, writes FinansWatch.

Weekendavisen has learned that Sohn at a coming cabinet reshuffle will leave the current government altogether. Sohn will be replaced by the current Minister for Health and Prevention and front-runner to the position as the new party leader for The Socialist People’s Party, Astrid Krag.

As a replacement for Sohn in the current government will likely be Steen Gade, a veteran of The Socialist People’s Party, who, despite his reputation for joining the leftist wing of the party on many issues, recently voiced his public support for the more right-leaning candidate Astrid Krag, before her candidature was officially announced.  

According to Weekendavisen, Gade will assume the post as Minister for Trade and Investment currently held by Pia Olsen Dyhr (The Socialist People’s Party), while Olsen Dyhr will replace Krag as Minister for Health and Prevention.

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