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11 small parcels from North Korea were transported by a Maersk company, reported ShippingWatch this week. Other stories include the prospect of tariff barriers and a police report filed against Maersk Supply Service.

Maersk Honam will be moved to Dubai's Jebel Ali port

Maersk Honam, which caught fire a couple of weeks ago, will be towed to the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai, Maersk Line confirms to ShippingWatch. But several things will need to be investigated before the vessel can begin its journey.

Yet another Maersk ship reports fire in container

Another Maersk vessel was hit by a fire in a container Thursday night. The fire is under control and all crew members are safe. At this point there are no signs that the latest fire is in any way related to the fatal Maersk Honam fire.

Container imports in North America maintain 2017 pace

Goods headed from major trade regions to North America grew at a healthy pace in 2017, and except for a slight decrease on one trade route, this has continued into 2018, reports SeaIntel. But exports fared differently.

Maersk Line will not bill customers for new container technology

Half of Maersk Line's reefer customers have now been hooked up to the liner company's digital monitoring system, which has taken five to seven years to develop. But there are no current plans to bill customers for access to the system, Maersk Line's global head of reefer management tells ShippingWatch.

Fire fighting intensifies on Maersk Honam

Several fire fighting vessels have now reached the burning container ship Maersk Honam, writes Maersk in an update. A video published of the fire on board shows how much it has spread on the vessel.

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