Rusty cable caused accident on Torm vessel

A corrugated cable was the direct cause behind three seafarers being seriously injured during a drill on a Torm vessel in April. The shipping company tells ShippingWatch that it has learned from the accident.

Scrapping of old tankers reach 30-year low

Over-production and muted demand for oil now result in older tanker vessels seeing the lifespan extended as floating oil storages, according to a new analysis from broker SSY.

Scorpio Tankers beat its rivals in all-time high tanker market

Drewry has put together a ranking for ShippingWatch that shows which operator among Hafnia, Torm, Ardmore, Scorpio Tankers and d'Amico International Shipping delivered the best performance in the first six months of the year. There is a big difference between top and bottom.

Hunter Group brings VLCC back again

Hunter Group has bought a VLCC supertanker back from Norwegian shipowner SLF Corporation. The ship is one of several buybacks made by the company this year.

Migrant crisis has ships going off radio and rerouting near Malta

Ships are now shutting off their radio in strategic locations to avoid being called in to help migrants in the Mediterranean, says Danish Shipping, which calls for a reform of international conventions pertaining to rescues at sea. NGO applauds Maersk Etienne for its efforts.

Fire aboard supertanker is put out

The fire on board a VLCC supertanker off the coast of Sri Lanka has now been put out. One crew member was killed in the fire, which broke out Thursday.

Maersk Tankers and migrants caught in political deadlock

Maersk Etienne has been anchored with 27 migrants on board for exactly a month, and the ship thus sets an unfortunate record. The case has reached a "political deadlock," says Danish Shipping. Minister rejects sending them to Denmark.

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