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ShippingWatch has introduced a new regular feature about how to find and foster talent and potential – in yourself and others.

ShippingWatch introduces a new and regular feature on its English ( as well as Danish ( site about – and titled – Talent. It is now more important than ever for the industry to fight to find the best people. We will explore what companies do – or can do – in order to attract talent. And how to develop and maintain these talented employees.

Apart from the companies, we speak with the headhunters. The schools and universities. The young people. The start-ups. The future, and the current, talents, in an effort to find out what it takes, and what the next industry leaders are actually dreaming about.

Read the stories about talents in the shipping sector here:

Jesper Kanstrup wants his boss's job

XO Shipping CEO breaks with an old shipping mantra



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Scores of dry bulk operators opening offices in Copenhagen

The number of dry bulk shipping companies in Denmark has increased significantly in the past three years, and numerous new offices have been established in the country's capital region. ShippingWatch provides an overview of the new players.

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