Big surge in goods transported via the Northern Sea Route

Since the beginning of the year, the Northern Sea Route has experienced a significant boost in transported volumes. Two ports along the Yamal Penninsula account for the largest share.

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This year the volume of goods transported via the Northern Sea Route skyrocketed by 81 percent, announced the Russian ministry for maritime and river transport in an interview with PortNews.

A total 9.95 million tons were transported to and from ports along the Northern Sea Route until the end of August this year. In the same period last year, 5.5 million tons were transported.

Looking at individual ports, The Novy Port project along the Yamal Penninsula represented the majority of the transported volumes. 4.35 million tons of oil were shipped from the oil terminal over the period. The second-largest was the Port of Sabetta, also located along the Yamal Peninsula, where 3.95 million tons of LNG were shipped.

Thus far, 600 vessels have sailed along the Northern Sea Route this year. A snapshot from The Northern Sea Route Administration shows that on Friday 24 August, 84 vessels could be located in the ports along the Northeast Passage.

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