Nuclear startup hires profile from Maersk Drilling

Nuclear developer Seaborg recruits Maersk Drilling's strategy chief Dominic Charnock, who served at Maersk since 2017, most recently as vice president. The new employer has the potential to help mitigate climate change and provide "energy fairness", says the newly appointed CFO.

DFDS sets up shore power facility for ferries

In collaboration with Copenhagen Malmö Port, DFDS is setting up a shore power facility at the ferry terminal in Copenhagen. The new facility will benefit the environment by limiting exhaust gases while in port.

Spain now supports the Hong Kong Convention

17 countries have joined the Hong Kong Convention for environmentally safe scrapping of ships. Spain is the most recent to back the convention that has not yet been finally adopted.

World Bank stands firm on warning against LNG in shipping

With the US and other countries headed for net-zero CO2 emissions in 2050, the business case for LNG as a shipping fuel is becoming increasingly risky, says World Bank economist Dominik Englert in an interview with ShippingWatch. Current climate policy events appear to confirm that time may be running out for LNG in shipping.

Shipping lawyers expect more climate court battles after Shell ruling

The recent verdict against oil giant Shell will undoubtedly not be the last one of its kind. ESG and climate politics has become a dominant topic in corporate boardrooms, and the shipping industry could be next in line, says NGO. ShippingWatch has asked two lawyers about the possible legal impact of ESG in the shipping industry.

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