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ShippingWatch is your direct access to people in and around the maritime industry, the so-called blue industry.

See our online mediakit here (opens in new window). Here you can find up-to-date user statistics and more information about our target group and products.

You are always welcome to contact our sales team, who will be happy to send you our media presentations as pdf (user information, interests, user statistics, industry split, etc.)

We offer a wide range of possibilities, and we would be delighted to assist you with setting up a media plan that ensures the best effect on ShippingWatch or one of our other sites.

We offer the following products and formats:


Delivered directly to the mailboxes of the subscribers to our daily newsletters.

Formats: 930 x 180 + 300 x 250.

In our newsletters we accept jpg formats only.

Site requirements to banner formats

Top banner930 x 180
Sticky banner160 x 600
Sky banner140 x 600
Article banner300 x 250

The banner may not exceed 60 KB. We accept gif, jpg formats and tags.

Mobile & app

Banner ad                          320 x 160

The banner may not exceed 60 KB. We accept gif, jpg formats and tags.

Contact us to learn more about the many possibilities at ShippingWatch.

Would you like to know more about advertising?


Søren Lund
Sales Manager
T: +45 7171 7437
M: +45 7174 5303


Job advertising


Therese Warpe Jensen
Sales Manager
T: +45 7171 7420
M: +45 3113 0538

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