Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Guidelines for processing of personal data

When you log on to,,,,,,,,,,, and, Watch Medier collects your personal data. Below you can read which data we collect, how we process the data, and whom to contact if you have questions or comments regarding our guidelines.

We do not collect any data not listed in our privacy policy. Furthermore, we do not collect any data which can be traced back to you without letting you know how to avoid this.

Be aware that you accept our guidelines once you visit,,,,,,,,,,, and

Generally, you should be aware that your activity as a web user leaves electronic traces, and that these allow others to track your internet usage.

What information do we collect about you?

The information we gather on you can be divided into two categories: 
1. Personal data that can be traced back to you. 
2. Non-personal data.

1. Personal data

We never collect personal data unless you have provided said data, by registering, purchasing a product or participating in a survey.

Everyone is welcome to visit our websites, but in order to derive maximum advantage from all the functions and offers, you must identify yourself at various stages.

1.1 Log-in

In order for us to provide access to the locked articles on our site, you must identify yourself by means of user name and password. If you cannot provide user name and/or password, you cannot access our sites. The subscription data of previous subscribers are stored for potential later use. They may be deleted if requested. All data is processed confidentially.

1.2 Newsletters

To receive newsletters from our sites you must provide your e-mail address.

1.3 Surveys

In order to gain more knowledge of our users, we regularly carry out surveys. The questions in these surveys vary, but you can always choose to answer without identifying yourself, and it is entirely up to you whether you wish to answer the questions. Your ability to access and employ our sites does not depend on your participation in the surveys. We carry out surveys to improve the user experience and to improve our product so we appreciate your participation in our surveys.

You should never participate in surveys which do not have a clear and known sender.

1.4 Contests and special offers

Occasionally we hold contests or put on special Watch Medier offers. In this context, we typically collect names and e-mail addresses of participants. If this information is shared with other companies, the contest/offer will state this clearly. In some cases, allowing Watch Medier or others to contact you on later occasions may be a prerequisite for participation. This will be stated clearly on the contest/offer page. Participation in contests and purchases of special offers are always voluntary.

2. Non-personal data

We collect digital information on your visits to,,,,,,,,,,, and in various ways. None of this data is traceable to you as a person, only to the computer from which you have accessed our sites.

2.1 Cookies

On,,,,,,,,,,, and, we use cookies in order to improve your experience.

A cookie is a piece of data which is stored in your browser, and which can be read by either,,,,,,,,,,, and or one of our partners.

A cookie contains information such as the settings on your computer, the content of a shopping bag, internal server data or other data utilized by our server. Cookies are not programs which run on your computer, but tiny pieces of text data that are sent back and forth to and from your computer. Cookies are neither spyware nor viruses.

We distinguish between session cookies (cookies that disappear when your close your browser) and saved cookies (cookies that are saved on your computer).

Similarly, we distinguish between cookies that have,,,,,,,,,,, and as the sender (first party cookies) or one of our partners – typically advertisers – as the sender (third party cookies).

In most browsers, you can change the settings that determine which cookies are on your computer.

We employ saved cookies only to make your visits to our sites as satisfying as possible. We employ the data gathered to provide information on the behavior on our sites, the display of advertisements, the delivery of products and services, and in connection with our user-generated content.

Session cookies disappear once you exit our domain.


You accept the above guidelines when you visit,,,,,,,,,,, and


If you have comments or questions regarding the above guidelines, please contact Anders Heering, Editor-In-Chief, at

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