EU takes stock: 5 percent do not comply with sulfur rules

One in every three ships were inspected over the past three years for compliance with sulfur requirements in North Europe. Five percent of the ships did not meet the requirements, according to a new report from the EU Commission, which proposes more initiatives with global sulfur rules.

IMO agrees on CO2 deal Maersk calls "ambitious"

After long-term preparations that led to two weeks of intense negotiations in London, the IMO's crucial meeting to settle a plan for shipping's CO2 reductions is now over and an agreement is settled. Emissions must be halved by 2050.

South Korea's government will sell major yard DSME

When South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo is on its feet again, the government will find a new owner for its stake, report several media. The announcement is part of a five year plan for the country's shipping industry.

Harsh criticism of IMO's governance raised before crucial meeting

National interests and weak governance in the IMO risk undermining the comprehensive work of landing a strategy for shipping's CO2 emissions, sounds the criticism from NGO Transparency International just a few months after the IMO received similar criticism from a different source.

OECD: How shipping can be CO2 neutral by 2035

It would be possible for the shipping industry to become virtually carbon neutral by as early as 2035, according to a new report from the International Transport Forum under the OECD. Several different scenarios could pave the way.

This week's top stories on ShippingWatch

11 small parcels from North Korea were transported by a Maersk company, reported ShippingWatch this week. Other stories include the prospect of tariff barriers and a police report filed against Maersk Supply Service.

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