Desmi gets long-awaited approval in US

After years of waiting, Desmi Ocean Guard has secured a crucial approval of its ballast water system in the US. Lacking the approval has held business back.

Aegean renames after restructuring

Bunker supplier Aegean, which filed for bankruptcy protection last year, has now completed its restructuring plan and changed its name. The process was executed by the company's new owner, Mercuria Energy Group.

WTO lowers its global growth forecast significantly

The WTO has once again lowered its expectations for global growth. Next week the IMF will present its projections, which the IMF head indicates will also be lower. New customs tariffs between the US and China as well as uncertainty surrounding Brexit are key factors.

EU gives go-ahead for Aegean trade

The EU Commission has approved commodity trader's acquisition of Greek bunker company Aegean, which has been under bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 since November last year.

Capesize index approaches lowest level ever

The Baltic Capesize Index is still under pressure, and last week it approached a historic low point. Some shipowners are well-bolstered against this adversity, while others are severely affected, believes investment bank.

Valero accused in another bad bunker case

One of the world's biggest tanker carriers also accuses Valero of selling contaminated bunker. Yesterday, Valero was singled out as the source of a the contaminated bunker oil, which caused major issues for hundreds of vessels last year.

Valero named as bad bunker source in new court case

In a new court case, US oil company Valero is being accused of having introduced the contaminated marine fuel that caused problems for hundreds of ships last year. World Fuel Services also considers forwarding a damages claim to Valero.

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