Yara and MOL to strengthen ammonia supplies for shipping

Together with Japanese MOL, Yara plans to develop ammonia’s supply chain for use as fuel within shipping and on land. The parties are also engaged in transportation of hydrogen, which takes place by converting hydrogen into ammonia.

Pool of potential shipping CEOs is changing character

Recruiting: Jan N. Lauridsen has been a headhunter for ten years, during which the fundamental traits of the pool of potential chief executives have changed. In ten years, it will once again look very different, he says.

Dan-Bunkering expands in Africa by acquiring Amoil

Dan-Bunkering merges with South Africa-based Amoil, and by the turn of the year, the two companies will operate under the former name. The merger will strengthen the bunker supplier’s position on the African continent, the parties write in a statement.

Underwater robot to clean vessels is now ready to use

Sea Badger, which had been developed by Hydro Hull Cleaning, is ready to fulfil its purpose: cleaning the dirty hulls of vessels. The project has been underway for many years, supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.

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