Shell charters ten new LNG-fueled supertankers

Oil giant Shell signs contracts for ten new supertankers powered by LNG. The ships are being built in South Korea, and are expected to hit the water in 2022.

Photo: Ian Forsyth / Shell

Shell charters ten new dual-fueled, LNG-driven supertankers on long-term contracts.

The oil major estimates that the first of ten ships, all built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in South Korea, will hit the water in 2022, writes Shell in a statement Thursday.

The vessels are chartered on seven-year contracts. According to Shell, the new orders will "bring the total global fleet of dual-fueled LNG vessels up to 475, which is an important step towards the expected doubling of the number of LNG-powered ships by 2023."

Dual-fuel engines can run on both liquefied natural gas, LNG, and traditional heavy fuel oil.

"Today and in the immediate future, LNG is our best choice for newbuilds to ensure that we don't add high-emission ships to the global fleet while working hard to develop emission-free fuels," says Grahaeme Henderson, Global Head of Shell Shipping & Maritime, in the announcement.

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