Maersk unveils design of methanol vessels

For five years, Maersk has been working on developing a new vessel design, which can increase the energy efficiency of its fleet by 20 percent. The first eight vessels are planned to sail on green methanol from 2024.

Internally in Maersk, the new ship design is being callled the biggest innovation since the launch of Maersk's 18,000-teu Triple E ships in 2013. | Photo: Maersk

Maersk has just unveiled the look of its next-generation container vessels, which will powered by green fuels such as methanol.

Internally in Maersk, the new ship design is being called the biggest innovation since the launch of Maersk's Triple-E ship with a capacity of 18,000 teu in 2013.

The first eight vessels to be molded in accordance with the new design will sail on green methanol, each with a capacity of 16,000 teu.

The bridge of the new vessels will be pushed all the way to the front along with the crew's quarters, while the containers will be loaded in the back. This is a fundamental change from present-day container ships, on which the bridge is usually located midship.

By moving the bridge and the crew's quarters to the front and the funnel to the side, the vessel designers are making more room for additional container capacity.

Photo: Maersk
Photo: Maersk

Maersk expects that the ships will improve the energy efficiency per transported container by 20 percent compared to the average industry standard.

The ships will be equipped with dual-duel engines to be developed by MAN Energy Solutions and will receive fuel from a 16,000 cubic meters green methanol tank. According to Maersk, the newly designed ships will be able to sail an entire round trip from Asia to Europe on the new green fuel.

Photo: Maersk
Photo: Maersk

The ships' size of 16,000 teu was chosen as a "soft spot" to allow for highest possible degree of flexibility - including in ports terminals, says Emiliano Austi, Head of Naval Architecture at Maersk.

Maersk promises that CO2 emissions of 1 million tonnes annually will be eliminated once all eight methanol-powered vessels have hit the water and displaces older vessels, and if they solely sail on methanol and not traditional bunker fuel, which is also a possibility.

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