Maersk Line: P3 to be launched last part of 2Q 2014

Yesterday´s summit between the competition authorities of the USA, EU and China has not changed P3´s confidence in a "Yes" to the alliance. Launch is now expected to happen in the "last part of second quarter 2014," Maersk Line tells ShippingWatch.

As the largest stakeholder in the giant P3-alliance, Maersk Line maintains the schedule for the launch of the alliance. Yesterday´s meeting in at the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington and the request to prolong the process with FMC has not changed that.

This is how Chief Trade & Marketing Officer at Maersk Line, Vincent Clerc, comments on the "summit" held in the American capital between competition authorities from EU, the USA and China.

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The P3-alliance between Maersk Line, MSC og CMA CGM will be launched in the second quarter 2014 although things indicate that the launch will probably happen in the summer rather than during the spring of next year.

Late second quarter

"There is no reason for us to change that date. The process is developing as expected and we are confident to receive an approval of the alliance for the cooperation to be launched in second quarter next year, perhaps during the last part of the quarter," says Vincent Clerc.

The meeting in Washington was set up by the FMC, which called for the parties to examine the impact and the consequences of the P3-alliance to customers and world trade but also to examine the impact of alliances in general.

"On the basis of what has been sent out from the meeting, I believe it is positive and highly relevant for the authorities to cooperate and examine cross-boarder trade. Regarding the review of P3 we are dealing with sovereign states meaning that we contribute with what we are requested to do," Vincent Clerc states.

Weekly briefing

The three carriers have recently submitted comments to the Chinese Ministry of Trade, just as they have answered questions from the FMC. The American authorities have received comments from a variety of industry stakeholders. Some of these have raised concerns about the impact of the P3-alliance, some believe the alliance will benefit productivity and service.

Alongside the approval process with the authorities, P3 is engaged in establishing the organization to be located in London which has been named as headquarter for the alliance. Lars Mikael Jensen of Maersk Line has been appointed CEO and is working to find the staff members for the P3-operations. Once a week, the three carriers involved in P3 are briefed on the development.

The London HQ will house 200 staff members.

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