Boskalis awarded contract by Swedish port

Dutch Boskalis will build a quay in the new container and RoRo port in Stockholm, which is currently being completed. The contract is worth EUR 60 million, says Boskalis.

Photo: Ports of Stockholm

The Boskalis group, based in the Netherlands, has been awarded a large contract from Sweden's Ports of Stockholm.

The Dutch company, best known for its towage activities, will build a quay wall for the coming Stockholm Norvik Port, which is currently under construction.

The contract is worth EUR 60 million, and the construction work is expected completed in 2020, after which the port will have a new quay 1,100 meters in length, with a depth of 16.5 to 10.5 meters.

Stockholm Norvik Port is specialized in container container and RoRo traffic.

Back in April, Boskalis won a similar contract to expand a container port in India.

English Edit: Daniel Logan Berg-Munch

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